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Old 06-05-03, 02:02 AM   #46 (permalink)
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Join Date: May-2002
Location: Ontario
Age: 44
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What the heck...ill join in My name on my avatar is my real name..i have nothing to you probably will never find me as i am kept in a closet in our beloved webmasters house! It is from here that i am forced to post and watch the chat 24 hours a day. Today is thursday...which is bread and water im in good spirits! When im not being kept prisoner, im a mechanic professionally, currently on trucks, but in two weeks i am going into heavy equipment. I love all animals thus why i am here. In my spare time, i build things, drink (okay thats all the time) and play guitar. I am 29 but feel about 15...and probably act that way about 90% of the time
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: Sweden
Age: 35
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Not that I have posted here before but.. why not? (I do have one on the newcomers tho =)

Ok, so my name is Andreas, rather recently became 20 years of age. I'm from Sweden (no, no polarbears, or igloos, and no, we don't have penguins walking the streets either, thank you very much. =p) which I seem to be the only one so far.

I have yet to get my corn, I'm negotiation the deal right now =)Hopefully tho it will arrive here within the next couple of weeks. That is what I most eagerly await now (wanted to have a snake for a very long time, so it's a bit of a dream come true for me!)

As for religion, that's not for me, at all. I'm a agnostic atheist (or so a I like to describe it, a little bit of both) and as for music, I'm mostly listening to Goth/Gothic Metal with a little Synth and other Metal thrown into the mix.

Dunno what else to put down, so I'll be quiet now.

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Join Date: Oct-2002
Location: Netherlands
Age: 39
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Ok, its my turn now
My name is Daan Schouwe. I from the Netherlands and live in a town called Hoorn (this town is found about 30 km above Amsterdam). Im living in a windmill and watch tullips grow, while i polish my klompen (wooden shoes). Im 23 years old right now and i would be pretty happy to get alot older, since i really enjoy my live . If you wonder what the nickname Doenoe means, i will explain. It absolutely doesnt mean anything. A couple of friends of mine and me were drunk and started talking funny and after a while, Daan became Doenoe Most of the time i can be found in the SsnakesS chat. Oh, and i work in a supermarket.
Currently i got 2 emperor scorpions, a male and a female. Im not trying to breed them though. Im working (yes, im still working on that) on an enclosure for 2 bearded dragons, which i hope to buy somewhere in august.
The religion part: The bar is my church and the bartender my god . I usually go too church one time a week, mostly on saturday. Most of the time i have a good time there :meddead:
Well, thats about it i guess
Greetz Daan
0.2 Bearded Dragons: Bep & Truus
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Join Date: Feb-2003
Location: T.O.
Age: 30
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I might as well jion the fun:
My name is Zach, I live in toronto, Ontario and am in grade 9(turning 15 in Sept.). I enjoy Skateboarding, Playing hockey, Lacross and Golf.
I Got my first lizards when i was in grade 6; my leopard gecko. I am starting to breed my bearded dragons and enjoy it alot.
-Reptilez (Zach)
1.1 BDs
0.1 Leopard Gecko-->Lookin for Adult male(anything cool)
0.1 Ball

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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Nova Scotia
Age: 36
Posts: 73
Well itís nice getting to know everyone....I might as well share too.
My name is Nicole, though I go by Nicky most of the time. I was born a Newfy, but Iíve lived in Nova Scotia for 15 of my 21 years on this planet
Iím Catholic, but Iím not very religious anymore....stopped going to church when my mom couldnít force me to go anymore....sometimes itís good to grow up...sometimes...

I donít really like to read and Iím absolutely terrified of ticks......but I hate most bugs in general, excluding butterflies, lady bugs and some catapillars.
Iím a real softy when it comes to most animals (nothing creepy crawly with more then 4 legs), kids of all ages, and Matt (my boyfriend, who might I add....knows how to get just about everything he no chameleons!!....)

Over the last year or so weíve started really getting into herps.
Our first was a firebellied toad that just yelled take me home at the pet store, and since then we got 3 more (though the first passed away not to long ago.)
Two redeye tree frogs and Saturday we got our first snake. Though Iím sure thatís just the beginning of our list.

Well nice meeting everyone.
Baby ďGĒ
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Join Date: Mar-2002
Posts: 5,936
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I am Marisa as my handle says....born and raised in California. Now living in Ontario Canada (don't ask lol) and wishing for California herping each and every day!

Love animals my entire life, had pets always. Just got into reptiles about 4 years ago I would say. Got our first snake almost 3 years ago and it went nuts from there. Shortly after we had many more! We keep:

0.1 Jack Russell - Sonique
0.1 Green Iguana - Roxy
0.1 Cat - Spaz
2.2 Cornsnakes - Jack (amel) Loki & Girlfriend (snows) Aimee (anery)
2.0 Kingsnakes - Jose (Mexican Black) and Mojave (Cal king)
0.0.1 Pueblan Milksnake - Shervous
0.0.1 Ball Python - Eight (My BABY!)
1.0 Golden Gecko - Wee
1.0 Red Eared Slider - Mikey

And of course my ten gallon of fancy guppies, TONS of feeder mice, a pair of pet gerbils, and my unborn corn eggs. hehehehehe

I don't like to drink. So I won't be attending some of the posters "church".....I hate ignorant stupid people....I hate tanks and on my street. I like humour and I like funny people. Well that sums up about as much as I am willing to tell a bunch of reptile freaks.

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Join Date: May-2003
Location: Ontario
Posts: 3
I'm Derek Bartley, I live in North Bay Ontario but am from Niagara Falls Ontartio. I have a wonderfull girlfriend named Jenn Lestage and yeah. I love dogs and cats and am getting into Lizards and Snakes.
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Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: The Forest City
Age: 49
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Okay, I'll bite . My name is Cory. I live in London, Ontario with my wife of 12 years and my 11 year old daughter. We all love herps. I manage an autoglass shop for a living and in my spare time I clean aquariums and cages, do repairs on our house, watch TV and read about herps. I'm a bible-thumpin Jesus freak and also non-religious. My weaknesses are beer (I love Guiness) and purchasing new animals. My pet peeve is tailgating.

Nice to meet everyone!
"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: Canada
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My name is paul born march 6 1985 im 18 right now.i live in brampton ontario. i've been in herps for little over a year. i currently have: 2 ball pythons, 3 bearded dragons, 2 vieled chameleons, 1 golden retriever, 2 frilled dragons. im about 5'5 about 120 pounds.brown hair and eyes. im catholic but dont go to church. i like watchin movies, listening to music, hangin out with friends. my favorite bands are: system of a down, disturbed, Blink182,sum 41. and many more
thats about it for me
my pets:
1 chameleon, 1 beardie, 1 golden retriever, 1 ball python, 2 chinchillas, and a hypo leopard gecko. plus more on the way
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Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
Age: 31
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I am Adam Webster born in the Annapolis Valley and now live in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia. I just turned 16 last month and I got a Borneo short-tailed python for my birthday! I have a religion, but its not a specific one (mostly Christian I guess). I believe there is a god (or gods) and I believe you don't have to bore the hell out of yourself every Sunday to believe in them. I am mostly into blood and short-tailed pythons and I have the best dog EVER! I absolutely LOVE karate and could not survive without it, my specific style is chito-ryu. Hmmm, what else...well I can catch fish with my hands, and I love eating them! My favorite type of fish is Boston Bluefish. Um, I like to hang out with people from different parts of the world. Ok thats all I can think of right now, peace out.
"A closed mind is a dead mind"

My Picture Gallery
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lolaophidia's Avatar
Join Date: May-2003
Location: Richmond VA
Age: 49
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Ok, I'm Lora Vencill currently living in Virginia, USA. Lived in Markham/Unionville, Ont. for a couple years growing up. I travel- a lot (over 300 days last year), so snakes are really the easiest pet for me to keep. Come home and feed them, clean cages and head back out of town. Recently got a new job that will keep me at home, which is a good thing since I'm trying to breed my snakes... Lost a clutch of 17 African House snake eggs due to incubator malfunction last week.

Currently I keep 1.1 African House snakes, 0.1 Queensland Carpet python, 1.0 Taiwanese Beauty snake, 2.2 Mandarin Rat snakes (I definitely want to be home when they breed!), 0.1 Mexican Black King snake, 2 cats- a Bengal and a Siamese, a couple of fish tanks- various fish. I've had lots of snakes-been catching them since I was 7, a few lizards- the best was a chinese crocodile lizard, turtles, parrots, ferrets, frogs, lots of rescued wild life...

I'm married, not religious, read a lot- mostly science fiction/fantasy/horror and the odd science journal, listen to a variety of music- mostly alternative/punk/techno, have quite a few tattoos and a few piercings, I love Formula one racing, shooting pool, handguns (used to shoot IDPA), and fishing.

That's more than enough to introduce my self.

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Join Date: Feb-2003
Location: Toronto
Age: 35
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Seeen, its mah turn

The names Mike Poplawski. 18 years of age. Born in Poland. Currently finishing highschool. Off to York university to study Health Sciences. I dont have many reptiles, even though I love them. I wear whatever suits me best, ranging from casual gear like TImberland to gino beatin' Parasuco :P I'm a mutt I live in SARS-borough, I dont own a gun nor do I live in public housing. But I'm sure theres tonnes of people here in Scarborough that do. My interests are polish ladies, sexy ladies, cars, stereo systems and all of that sorta business. Religion wise, I'm getting around to being a practising catholic. No peircings, no tats, no body disfigurment. A lot of people tell me I should be a comedian. I want to do somethin' else.

Need to ask more questions . . .
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Join Date: Feb-2003
Location: Toronto
Age: 35
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Oh ya...

6'1" and about 165 pounds... not much of a man in size yet Could use an extra 30 lbs, anyone got that. . .

I listen to rap and all other the other kinds of music too, whatever saounds good ya know

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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Georgia, U.S.A.
Posts: 154
OK but I do not know to shorten it,

My name is Anthony Gay. I have been married for 14 years to my wife Donna. We have two children, 1.1.0. Our daughter 13 and our son 11.

Held my first venomous at the age of 5. Thought it was my rubber snake wrapped around a tree, turned out to be a copper head. I still remember wy dad killing it.

At the age of 12 I had over sixty native snakes from ringnecks, to rat snakes and kingsnakes. No snakes in the house so I kept them outside in aquariums (at this time It was ok to use aquariums) halfway burried in the ground with a shelter over them to keep them from filling up with rain water. Successfully breeding all.

Married at 20, luckily my wife had the same love for reptiles. Soon we had reptiles in every room of the house even in the bathrooms. The majority of our reptiles were rescues, and I do not use the term lightly. These were not reptiles that were living in to small of an enclosure, I only take in reptiles that need constant medical attention and we have worked with nearly every disease, even Inclusions body disease and cryptosporidia. Our average cost for supplies and antibiotics and surgeries run at least 4 grand a year. All of this puts an emotional drain on you, working with reptiles you knew were inevidably going to die and the constant thought of, should I try to save it or put it out of its pain.

In 97 we built our facility to house reptiles we wanted to work with instead of what was brought to us. Using the knowledge from what we had learned over the years and seen we built our facilty to be as sanitary as possable. We built all new cages and do not swap reptiles from cage to cage and have a standard protocall of sanitation before we work with every reptile. No two reptiles are housed together exept for breeding.

We love all reptiles and work with arachnids,amphibians,colubrids,boas,and pythons.

We still take injured/very sick reptiles and we still cry when they die. I will never understand peoples logic in the fact there reptile is ill so they take it back to the petstore.

Well, that is my life in a nutshell, ok a big nutshell,
Anthony Gay

Here is a pic of an imaciated 5' boa I just recieved. It died during rehydration.
Attached Images
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A bad year with reptiles is better than a good year without em.
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This sounds like an AA Meeting! LOL

Hi, I'm B.W., and I'm a herpaholic.

"HI B.W."
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.
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