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Old 06-16-03, 03:18 PM   #151 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun-2003
Posts: 35
Welcome to our world Scott, it way k0ol!!!
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Old 06-16-03, 05:32 PM   #152 (permalink)
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Location: Desert Southwest USA
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OK..... pretty cool thread.... here comes the old crone......

I'm Cathy, born, lived and will probably die here in Southern California although I have moved from Orange to Riverside county Graduated from San Clemente High School in 1972 and went on to become an animal services officer and shelter manager for that city after it opened in the late 70's. When I decided that it was no longer good being owned by the city 24/7 I ventured out on my own and became the best pet stylist I could possibly be and have owned/operated my own shop since 1987 and will probably be there as long as my body holds out.

My pierced ears are long closed up, only one tat on back of yellow naped amazon parrot which I brought with me for the tat artist to duplicate as best as he could, and only body disfigurements are the surgical scars, stretch marks from 1.1 children (29 & 25), and multiple animal bite and scratch scar reminders of battles long past.

I am huge on education for all responsible pet ownership, domestics and exotics.

I kept large boids in the early 70's but gave them up when I got married and started having children. I swore then if I ever had snakes again it would have to be my "dream" snakes, the exquisite gtp. Guess what..... because of a rescue I did last year I fell back into snakes in a big way and didn't expect that only a year later I'd have 8 gtps, one of which is currently gravid! I'm so excited, I feel young again about being a midwife.

Besides that we have 1 parakeet-Baboo, 3 dogs-Murdock, Chase and Birdie. The 5 snakes currently with names are Zhaan, Zalty, D'Argo, Snapdragon and Boomerang..... mouse colony with lots of mice

I grew up in the 60's of very liberal parents and was raised in a pagan lifestyle from day one. I now just consider myself Gaian and am extremely spiritual and thankful for all this blessed earth has given us. On a side note, I'm especially pleased that the sharing of so many personal paths here has not incited any conflicts!! WOO HOO!!! The world leaders could take this as an example of multiple belief systems getting along just fine. Pretty sure most religions are basically run on the same premise of loving thy brother and doing unto others, yada yada..... so sad that it's such a problem living side by side.

I'm high on recycling.... it's a great thing we can do for this planet..... hemp products...... did you know just even automobiles can be propelled with hemp-oil. You'll find me in the state of Washington in August for Hemp Fest showing support again and having a wonderful time with like minded people.

I am an avid drummer, play native american flute, dance with the full moon skyclad.

Now you see why us old farts haven't chimed in too much..... we've been around too long and it's hard to give the condensed version of who we are. So..... now, if I haven't bored you all too much to get kicked out of this place I'll go back and have some more fun here reading around.
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Squamata Concepts
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Welcome cathy...... Old farts are cool too..... LOL......
"A sure fire way for a government to lose control of something is for them to prohibit it."
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My name is Patrick Marjama. I am 17, and I love reptiles. I am also an alchaholic and a drug addict. When my money isn't blown on my pets it's being blown on some blow. I live in Lisbon, Maine but really wanna get the hell outta here. I really hate goths and hippies. I have prostate cancer. I am 6' 4". And like 225 pounds, not really sure.
That's basically all I really want to tell you about me.
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Ah, what the hell...

My name is Ken LePage, and yes, I am blood related to the guy who started the real estate company. Unfortunately, he sold it while he was still alive. I am a 27 year old proud Canadian.

More fun facts:

I am a software tester / web designer / graphic designer.
I am a heathen.
I have 6 tattoos.
I am a socialist who despises capitalist pig dogs.
I have a 9 year old daughter who I love more than life itself.
I put Cayenne pepper in almost everything I cook.
I listen to every style of music from opera to death metal, but my favorites fall into the Gothic/Gothic Metal/Black Metal/Power Metal categories.
I am obssessed with Dragons, Gargoyles, and Angels.
I am always broke.
My wardrobe is 90% black.
I am absolutely terrified of spiders.
I have 18 allergies, 4 of which can kill me. 2 of those 4 can kill me in under 10 mins.
I hate the outdoors (see above).
My favorite movie is The Crow.
I like coffee... a LOT.

That should be enough for now.
- Ken LePage
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Well Ill add to page 10! lol

My name is Brandy im 21 year old graphic designer/website designer I have my own buisness. I am majorly obcessed with Chameleons and have been dieing for a spirthighed Tort. I play to many video games (counter strike mainly). Ummm I live in Toronto. I need to move to make room for more chameleons and what ever else i may wist to indulge in in the future. I have no prefrences for music its all good, and because im stuck in my basement 90% of the time working my wordrobe consists of really comfy PJ's lol.

well thats all i can think of!
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Old 06-18-03, 02:11 PM   #157 (permalink)
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Well I guess i'll take a turn at this....

My name is Melanie Marie Savoie, i'm 19 and live in Scarborough also known as sarsborough to some After tomorrow I will be done high school (yaii!) and will be attending Centennial College for the Early Childhood Education program.

My first language is French and obviously i can speak english as you can see. I've lived in Scarborough all my life but moved to New-Brunswick for 2 years but moved back to Toronto when i was 12.

I'm not really picky when it comes to music...i listen to rap, hip hop, dance, pop, and some alternative. As for religion i'm catholic but i don't consider myself religious...

I got into reptiles about a year ago thanks to my boyfriend Nick (aka Chappy on the site) he made me realize how great these animals really are and how fun they are to have. I currently own:
1.0 Ball python
0.1 Chinese Water Dragon
0.0.1 Pacman Frog
1.1 Bearded Dragons
1.0 Hamster

Well that's all i can think of to say for now
:sun:¤Melanie¤:sun: Vamos a Cuba!
0.1 Ball Python, 0.1.1 Solomon Island Ground Boas, 0.1 Leopard Gecko, 0.0.2 Crested Geckos, 1.1 Dogs, 1.0 Chappy
The Original Chat

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I'm Kevin,I live in beautiful Florida with my beautiful wife Cheryl.
I'm 38 yrs old and herp lover since I was about 3.
Born in Michigan and moved to Florida in '74--YAY! More HERPS!
My wife thought I was a freak the first time she came to my place
and saw my 6 1/2' albino Burm in a cage as long as my bed "Smell?" What smell?
I dig 70's,80's,the "new"jazz,and "old people music".
Religiously,I have no real direction except that I believe you MUST
keep an open mind or else your shutting yourself off from the true essence of spirituality and limiting your perception of reality.
I love to draw and paint...I've got a nice mural including an Asian water monitor near a jungle waterfall I did in my livingroom.
I also love to garden and my front yard looks kinda like Busch Gardens(my favorite theme park)including two lizard-shaped topiaries bordering one of my three ponds.
Monitors are my all time favorites,'specially water monitors,but I've kept plenty of snakes,turtles and even a few crocodilians...
...ahhhh Florida.
My wife is sort of an anti-herper with the exception of chameleons...I'm workin' on her though. I've managed to get an Asian water monitor past her "NO MOUSE EATERS" rule.
I love to take an occasional kayak trip down one of Florida's gorgeous rivers. Myakka is awesome and loaded with HUGE gators...what a rush!

V.salvator 0.1

German Tour Guide: You vill find more on Germany's contributions to ze arts in ze pamphlets ve have provided.
Brian Griffin: Yeah, about your pamphlet... uh, I'm not seeing anything about German history between 1939 and 1945. There's just a big gap.

----Family Guy---
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Location: california
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hi. i am Kyle.
i live in camarillo california.
i am 13
i am 5' 2" well,around there
i want to be a herpetologist and/or a pro golfer i just got into the game of herping and golf and i am pretty good at bolth of them.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... i think that is about it.oh yah! i play bass guitar pretty that is all.
there is no point in liveing if you dont take risks
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Cyber gost are you in elpasso or lubbock?
Box :sun:
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Well, my name is Kyle, im 18. Brown hair, blue eyes (i have pics of me in my photo album) i live about a 40 min drive east of toronto, in Pickering. I've loved snakes since i was little, but just got my first one a year ago (cal king). I want a ball python and some corns, but first im getting some crested geckos. Hockey used to be my life, ive played since i was 4, i used to play AAA, but quit last year to finish school and have more time for my friends and stuff. I graduated in june and am going to UOIT (the new university on durham college campus) in september for Business IT.
i love punk music, and other rock. I was supposed to go to the Warped tour in barrie yesterday, but my grandpa died on wed and his funeral was yesterday. I like bands like Finch, Northstar, The Used, Mad Caddies, Glassjaw, The Starting Line, Rufio, and like 50+ more.
I like piercings, I have my right brow done and 6g lobes. I have plans for several self designed tattoos, but they have been posponed due to my sudden love of crested geckos. But when i do get one, my first will be my last name in honour of my grandpa (prolly b4 xmas)
Ive been hit by a bus, a car and a bike, the bike doing the most damage (im not some disable person or anything). I dont like papar cuts, and icecream is always a good meal. My sister is 3 years younger than me but we have the same birthdate, and it was also my parents wedding anniversary until they seperated a few years ago.
Ive been single for over a year, because i havent met anyone interesting, and the high school crowd was getting very dull, can't wait till univ in september. Ive been in love once, then she dumped me after a year, for a guy ive known since jk.
Umm, this is long, but i never introduced myself when i joined anyways.
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Well since this is up......

I Am Bryce Manley Masuk
I have a blood bond with metal (90% of the time literally)
I Blade Smith and Black Smith and I am starting to dabble with Goldsmithing those are my hobbies and I dont really deserve the title's Since my work isnt up to par.

In my spare time I also Build some of the most insane things on wheels (as in completely unsafe) they built of any scrap cars and steel Me and my friends can find I myself have only rolled a car 4 times seperately (on private property) I am a master at making engines have insane power for a few hours then blow up

Iv been welding since I was 10 and I wont stop till my hand falls off or something like that

I play the guitar and some other BS but I am too lazy to add it in now
"Far more crime and child abuse has been committed by zealots in the name of God, Jesus and Mohammed than has ever been committed in the name of Satan. Many people don't like that statement, but few can argue with it."
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I can ignore this thread no longer.

I'm Mollie--I'm 19 years old and I'm from Miami, Florida (yeah, bienvenidos...heard it before...), but I am a sophomore at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, so I just started experiencing all four seasons last year! I also am pretty new at herping, but I research it compulsively (literally, an average of least 10 hours a week so far), so it feels like it's been a lot longer for me. I own 1.0 ball python, and plan on getting some leos and another snake within the next two years.

I'm Jewish, and starting to pick up on the cooking gene...
I'm about to go out for some Thai food...
I've never been to Canada...
I love ice cream (hmmm...maybe after the Thai food)...
I love theater/improv/writing funny things in the school newspaper, when they'll let me

I also think you all are hot.
1.1 ball pythons (Huxley and Marla)
~"Interestingly enough, the only thing the bowl of petunias thought was, 'Oh no, not again.'" --Douglas Adams~
* Mollie *
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Well lets see where to start.......

I am 19 been into studing herps for years. But never got to own one until december of first BP a male named Damballah (a voodoo god/dess).....He is 3ft now...I also just recently got my female baby bp Prana (breath of life, or life). I am a solitary pagan. I am the gothic kind but if I dress it or act it in this town/state then I will probably be shot, or have rocks thrown at me till I die.....
Live in Kansas and hate it....I was living in New England. But was told my grandmother was sick so me and my partner would come back. Me and my partner has considered moving to Canada....Kansas sucks, and so does the U.S.......We are trying to save the money up to move to Maine.....I can't wait.
The weather gets to be OVER 100 degrees...usually daily. It's so frickin hot. The job situation sucks. I am into bod mod and tatts so no one will hire me. I have three tatts. A cobra coiled around 2 blue roses on my chest, kind of below my neck but above my breast (am I allowd to say that?) A tribal that looks like either 2 swans with their necks bent to a heart shape or just a heart with wings tattooed on the side of my neck, and a humming bird on the front-back of my leg....I also have 1.1 cockatiels, 1 cat, 2.0 dogs, and 1 Netherland Dwarf rabbit. And did I say this state sucks????

I've turned into a Herpaholic.......I walk past the rubbermaids and imagine ways I can use them! lol

P.S.S My name is Ashley.......
The Mischief:
Neptune, Zion, Enigma,

Mischief~ Hamster

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've turned into a Herpaholic.......I walk past the rubbermaids and imagine ways I can use them
Lol! Welcome to the club! I havn't really introduced myself yet, so here it goes.

I'm 14, but people think I look older. Blonde, glasses/contacts, greenish eyes, fairly tall. I'm actually quite shy sometimes, though you wouldn't think that if you knew me well.

I like a wide variety of music. I like pretty much everything... sports, books, water... Name it and i'll probably like it. Not freaked out or grossed out by much... theres only one thing im really scared of. (If you really want to know.. PM me. just beware.. its pretty stupid.)

I have been totally fascinated by animals since I was really little. I used to curl up in my blankets in the morning and say to my mom and dad... 'hatch me, hatch me!' And then I would hatch into some critter or other. I always used to carry around my bucket of plastic snakes and dinosaurs, and sit all by myself and play all day. This one time, I took them to my mom's friends house, who was a very serious plant person. I sat in a corner and proceeded to feed her beautiful houseplants to my dinosaurs. I don't think she was very impressed, but my mom laughs and still remembers it.

I have kept many various things in those critter keepers... A lot of different things. Since I was little, I've caught (and most released after a while):
-various frogs and toads (PM me for a cute story)
-various snakes
-a bat at one time
-baby lake fish
and many other critters I can't remember.

I still love animals and now have
-really fat cat
-feeder goldfish that are HUGE... theyre pets now.
-lake fish
-guppie babies
-Garter snake
-spadefoot toads
-3 mantises that I hatched earlier this year (let most of them go)
and various other things that come and go. I have 3 ribbon snakes on the way as well.

Sorry that was so long... you know how it is. You get typing and don't want to stop! This has actually been really interesting, I've got to know a lot about all of you. See you all around. ~TR~
Tammy Rehbein
-You can search all day for something and never find it, only to see it in the most obvious of places after you've stopped looking.-
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