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Help ME!


This is old...
Im into boas....


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Ackies aren't really small, only when they are babies! From the sounds of it, I guess that you have a goal and know exactly what you want to do so I won't interrupt your dream..Good luck, Paul!!
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Before I go on, I have one request - please use a spell check. I'm not trying to be mean. You want us to help you, but your posts are very hard to get through.

First thing's first, you will not find a gorgeous, tame, large, beautiful reptile for cheap. And even an ackie needs a much larger enclosure than a 33 gallon (what you have, it seems) so just imagine what something that gets 4' is going to need.

I would suggest to you bearded dragons and blue tongue skinks. Neither are really cheap lizards, and need much larger than 33 gallon enclosures. Do your research, find out what is good for you, and what you can get WITHOUT cutting corners.

Make sure your Uro has at LEAST a 50 gallon tank. Bare minimum.
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Send a message via MSN to fanmaninacan uros have a 5feet+ enclosure.......and again under estimating me..
16 LOL--i have some money..beardies are 50$ have that......
and as stayted above i can get a much bigger cage....later.....even 8 feet if needed..LOL......
I know my spellings a fast typer...n end up messing up alot lol.............I shoud re read it eh? shouldent

thanks paul...
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It sounds like you need to slow down a bit!!!

I always like to see others get interested by the reptile hobby but many just rush into it and it seems like that's what's happening here.

You need to take the time to read up on the different species available, their requirements, temperments and all other necessary info. With the internet today, we have so much info just under our fingertips. Just type different species names into a seach engine and read up many care sheets.

You can't expect the members here to have the perfect answers for you as we don't know all the details, etc. But this site has also an incredible amount of information for you to look up and personal accounts. Read the different forums and go back a bit in the dates. Just because the posts aren't on top doesn't mean they're not useful to you.

I know for each species that I've gotten, I've researched at least 20 and chose the best one for my needs and desires. I've often spent weeks and months researching an animal before acquiring it.

Keeper of 5 snakes, leopard geckos, 1 green iguana, 20+ tarantulas, 2 dogs & a bunch of rats!
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Im 16 .... Preety Strong for my age..bench POWER 4 EVER LOL
Quote: bragging arnt I
I like big things!
i like things that r tame..but some thing that gets pissed at me if i do something bad to it n love me if i do something good..LOl....BUT NOT TAKE MY HEAD OFF..or SEND ME TO EMERGENCY n get like 1000 stiches.....i got my friend for that LOL..

Big monitors don't care how strong you are (nor do most I would suspect)I would forget(if that is possable)about any large lizards for a good while(experience is the key for the big nasty stuff)I hope you realise that the big boys are more than able to take one of your fingers for a nice light snack at will!I have been reading here for quite a while but this is my first post so far.I can only see this thread sprialing down in flames.It would be nice to see you gain experience over time and become a respected knowledgeable keeper who does the hobby credit.In that end I would hope that you make the right decision at the right time

Steve K
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you should get a nile there nice and tame
well at least mine are
so i hate when people say there aren't tame niles
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Hey, fanmaninacan, you wouldn't happen to be friends with Lizards_rule, would you?
Anyway, it sounds like you want a tame, handlable animal. So why not go with a monitor? Cause you know, they NEVER bite... And they all stay very small. If I were you, I would get a leopard gecko, bearded dragon, or similar animal. Even if you are POSITIVE you can keep an animal like a monitor for your first animal, you should still start off with something easy. Always work your way up the "herp ladder". You can jump a few steps at a time and be OK if you try hard, but never try jumping to the top, from the bottom. Even leo's and Beardeds need a certain amount of reading up on. Before I got my bearded, I had a total of 6+ hours of research on them, and I still thought I would have liked some more info. By the way, don't worry about special patterns and stuff like it seems you are doing, jsut get a normal, they are cheaper, and perfectly fine. REALLY, don't start with a monitor. My friend did that (after me critisizing him, and telling him not to, warning him, etc.) and soon he had a big, mean, hungry lizard that was in too small of a cage, and not enough money for food. Oh, and then he got a stupid species of iguana no one knows the common/scientific name of, and he feeds the IGUANA 100% live food, like CRICKETS and MEALWORMS... lets jsut say thats not a bright idea. Just think everything through. "I dont want something hugly expencive!!! spending alot on tha uros." It seems like you are only trying to find another lizard because you have little extra money. It is a much better idea to put that money towards more/better housing supplies for the Uro's. Don't forget to read up on them, either!
Dan Conner
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I just wanted to add that all bearded dragons are inbred. (Unless it was one of the original 20 smuggled from Oz sometime back. Or you live in Oz). Just to help you decide on your pickings.. Xain
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i think alot of the people here are giving really good advice. you should take them up on it. big lizards = big commitment...and sometimes they get mean when they feel like it...which is not good regardless of how strong you cousin has 10 stitches on his fingers given by his supposedly usually "tame" nile and he is not a small person. take time and take care in all your selections....we are not underestimating you here...just giving good advice.
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Originally posted by monitor boy
you should get a nile there nice and tame
well at least mine are
so i hate when people say there aren't tame niles
Nobody said anything about niles, and Paul said he was not up to a sav. so why would he go nile?

Paul you should look at some of the great skinks
that are around, a pair or trio could be in a cool
set up and give you great experience.

Simply incredible carpet pythons
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The monitor's power lies not in his size or strength neccessarily,but in their dentition. They have razor sharp teeth and even a small one can put you in a lot of pain and possibly do some real damage. Arboreal monitors and semi-aquatic monitors are especially dangerous this way because of the type of teeth they have. Savannas aren't as bad.

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Here is my 2 cents, Slow down kid you have lotsa time to build your collection...Rome wasn't built in a day...If you want something else get a Blue Tounge Skink they are awsome I love them one of my fav lizards, monitors are challenging to keep properly. Even when larger savannah's can do some real damage even though their teeth blunt with age they can still break you fingers if you get bitten. I would get a good book and look at all the different kinds of lizards that are available then decide, most of them will be with you for at least a decade probably more so it's not a light decision.
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