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GAME: If your herp were human.....

When I was in school, we'd often play "If He Were Human" while doing overnights at the vet clinic to while away the slow hours.

If your herp were a human being, who would he be? It can be anybody, either a real person or a character from a book, movie, TV show, etc. For example:

Rodin, the head-bobbing, black-bearded, foot-stomping horndog of a bearded dragon would be Don Juan. Why? Because he once bit my sandal strap and mated with my toes. He's never met a female he didn't like.

Monet, The Princess Priss bearded dragon would be Mariah Carey because of her diva mentality.

Tonka the Russian tortoise would be Tenzing Norgay, the first Sherpa to scale Mt. Everest because he loves to scale seemingly insurmountable objects while carrying a heavy load on his back.

Lilith the plains garter snake would be Harry Houdini as she's my greatest escape artist.

Who would your herps be?
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My dog would be Nelly from Little House On The Prarie. Selfish, but nice when she wants to cheat you into giving her something...

My Mexican Black King would be an extremely obese man who cannot stop eating and will even eat leftovers of other peoples plates.

Roxy my Green Iguana would be the Queen Of England.

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Well: My toad would be some guy that thinks hes cool when hes alone, but when ppl come near him he FREAKS.

Sabbra my BP would be some hot chick that loves goin to the mall but hates to leave (When I get her out, she HATES going back)

My BP Hydra would be some disgusting fat chick that eats everything in sight and hates everyone. Like the fat gross lady in 'Whats Eating Gilbert Grape'

My male leo would be Prince (the singer guy), hes high yellow so he looks good, but has no real personality.

My female leo would be Whoopi Goldberg because shes cool with EVERYTHING.

Thats all i can think of for my pets..My Beardie and the dog dont really have personallities..Ill add them later
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My iguana would be Godzilla via her name aGodzilla because she loves to climb,destroy and eat o yah and run around the room like a chicken with it's head cut off.But I love her.
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well me and my dragons all would be just like office kevin, especially me, and my one female dragon, ming who once ate my whole math fair project!
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My kingsnake would be Mike Tyson because she's always interested in my ears, and does bite sometimes .My ball python would probably be Ned Flanders because that's just how he is.
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