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Solid Snake 05-21-03 01:34 AM

How much it cost ya for your Reptiles
i spent over 600$ for a king snake, and a ball python this month and 2 tanks, and esseccories... whoa i should have watched what i was buying... :(

Zoe 05-21-03 02:09 AM

Yeah... but in the end, you have a great snake, no?
I spend 300$ on my big female IJ, my male was free, my little female was 225$. My 1.2 adult CRBs were in trade for 1.5 fat-tailed geckos, I got my 1.2 panther chams for 175$, 120$, and free, and my plated lizard I got for 60$.


ThEmAdHaTtEr 05-21-03 07:40 AM

Well, I got one of my BPs for 30, the cage for 20, another BP for 50, a beardie for free, cage was 20 (Custom all I had to pay for was plexi), My Leo for 20, my high yellow male leo for 40, and light prolly costed me about 25+, that adds up to about 205-250 for everything I own. Well worth it though, I love them to death.

dm101081 05-21-03 07:49 AM

Just curious, but how did you pend $600 on a king and a ball? any genetics or anything??? What kind of accesories/tanks?

RachelS. 05-21-03 08:21 AM

Okay here's the deal... if I sold ALL my herps and supplies I would probably have more than and/or about $2000 - $4000 right now. I spent about $240 shipped on my first black blood python about 3 or 4 months ago and it died!!! So I bought another for $235 shipped. See how much money us reptile fans spend on only our herps?? It's crazy! That's why I try to look for all the deals, make a few friends, and voila!... now because I do that I get to buy an indigo snake for around $200 instead of $400 - $500. Amazing, isn't it?

Now monthly, it only depends on how much food I buy, when I need it, etc. Like I could buy at least 150 rats for my snakes and spend $200 one month, but get to wait 6 more months before buying more. So in between that time I can save up money, but also at the same time get to buy more reptile supplies or whatever I want. It's all a matter of logic.

I'm not sure if that was what this post was about but hey, I added it anyway :)

stretch 05-21-03 12:19 PM

This is what I spent on one single bci plus accessories. 200$'s us on the snkae 400+ on the tank, 20$ on digital therm's, 40$ on thermostat, 40 on heat pads, 30 on flourescent lighting, 20 on computer fan, 40 on fake plants, 40 on waterfall, 20 on drift wood, 25 on astroturf, 10 on heat lamps ,15 on peat moss, and 15 on digital hygrometer. So the total is around 915$'s u.s I didn't include tax or anything that I paid.

fateamber 05-21-03 12:39 PM

I paid 22 for my amel corn snake but got 10 pinkies some aspen and a viv and a heat mat and water bowl for either 30 or 40.
My ball python was 80 and for that i also got to take home his (then) current residence and a water bowl!

reptilez 05-21-03 12:49 PM

I paid $100 for 1.1 beardies, my leo cost me $30 and my ball python cost me $90. I also have a costom-made enclosure standing 4x2x6 divided into 4 tanks. that cost me $500. so in total i have spent about $700. then i have to add all the crickets and mice, but im not complaining, i love my little guys and gals:D

gonesnakee 05-21-03 04:41 PM

I don't know for sure but I'd say around $20,000 CDN give or take on snakes etc. For example I bought a BP from Henry Piorun this weekend for $1,500. Last month I spent approx. $2,000 on mice (stocking up for a couple months) & plan on spending another $1,000 on rodents in the next month also (need pinkies etc. for babies & their buyers) Mind you I keep from approx. 80 - 300 snakes, depending on the hatchling scene. If you want to see what I keep check out my post in this forum in the "what do you got" type thread.
Remember lots of snakes cost you lots of cash to maintain properly. I haven't even got into rubbermaids, shavings, shop towels etc. Something to keep in mind for these people who buy lots of hatchlings & then turn around & sell them all as yearlings, because they all of a sudden cost so much to keep because they are eating more & need larger homes/prey etc.
Hatchlings turn into snakes, just like kittens & puppies turn into cats & dogs. Not so cute all of a sudden (for some people). Something to think about before you get too carried away buying animals. Make sure you are responsible & can continue to care for the animals you buy. Please do not treat them as disposable pets to be "dumped" at your convience. I have aquired a lot of specimens from people such as this & have others calling me all the time hoping I will buy their yearling Corn/King because "I didn't think it would grow so fast/cost so much". Do your research first people. NUFF SAID Mark I.

P.S. RachelS your Indigo deal sounds almost too good to be true. I hope it works out for you. Make sure that your state will legally let you keep it, chances are you will require a state permit, that is if it is even allowed to be kept. If the snake has to cross any state lines it WILL REQUIRE a federal permit. Unless of course you are purchasing an illegal specimen or transport it illegally. I know the laws can be quite strict in some states in reguards to E. Indigos so make sure you know where you stand before becoming too involved. M.I.

P.P.S To anyone who reads this & gets any "funny ideas" the signs on my back door read "We Don't Call 911" (a handgun is pictured) & "There Is Nothing In Here Worth Losing Your Life Over" so take the hint because I practice what I preach! Mark I.

NewLineReptile 05-21-03 05:05 PM

Well i paid $600 for my one burm but to me she was worth it she is a great snake and very healthy :)

Lisa 05-21-03 05:18 PM

600 for a burm? what did you get?

I'd say we've spent about 3k canadian on herps, most of them hatchlings/juvinile. This is for animals alone, not including feeding, tanks, substrate, water bowls, hides, tanks, setting up a breeding colony of rats/mice, cages for the rats and mice. and then their's shipping and electricity.

Just a small collection.

BWSmith 05-22-03 07:34 AM

Hard to say because i LOOOOOVE the barter system. But in cages i have about $6,000 in just cages and lids. There is no way to guess how much in lights, fixtures and accessories. I spend about $200 a month on feeders so figure $2500 a year. Prolly about $1000 in handling equipment. Current collection is worth about $4000 just estimating. Prolly spend $2000 a year on various herps per year. Lord only knows how much I have spent on books, artwork and other odds and ends. No wonder I am in debt ;)

Alicewave 05-22-03 08:16 AM

Hard to say here too. All my Leos were rescues. Even though they all came with caging, they needed MAJOR changes. Three of the rescues came from a smoking house and everything in there REEKED of Cigarettes. I wasn't able to save anything except the tanks, and one of them was cracked. I find it's the heat pads and lamp fixtures that really cost ya. Substrates too. I got suckered into sand at fist, that can be 20 dollars just to cover a 10 gallon. I use ceramic tile now, 6 dollars and lasts forever. I scrimp where I can, I breed my own mealies so feeders don't really dent my wallet. Although the gutload for them and the calcium supplements can add up. It's really hard to give a good estimate. But for a 20 gallon tank and all the stuff to set it up, last time I did that, cost me a little over 100 dollars.

My snake was $70 bucks (rosy boa) which is a steal considering I got him from a herp specialty store. However I think I got what I paid for because he was a biter at first and I've found him to be a problem feeder also.

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