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Off Topic - RANT - Evil Money Grubbing Theaters.

This is totally off topic but I gotta get it off my chest.

The other day katey and I went to see X2 at the theater (awesome movie). Tickets for the pair of us weren't too bad only $13. Then we went to get popcorn and a couple drinks.

HOLY RAKING-IT-IN BATMAN! After taxxes we were looking at over $17! This wasn't even for the LARGE popcorn and drink.

Lets look at what this cost the theater. If you have a contract with a pop company (ie Coke or Pepsi) you pay for the cup (you have to use their cup) but the syrup is free (as much as you want). Cups cost ~0.05 each. Popcorn can't be all that expensive either, though I don't have a price I do know you can buy alot of popping corn for a dollar. Guestimate the cost of the popcorn at about $0.50 for both bags (probably way too much but it's still cheap) an extra $0.50 for the server's time and we have roughtly $14.00 worth of profit plus taxxes. Ok, we're not impressed with the price but when we go to pay we're informed that if we want to pay with interact (ATM card) we're told they don't take that as a form of payment (although they took it to pay for our tickets). We were then directed to the privately owned bank machine (most likely owned by the theater) and to use it we're going to have to pay a service charge in order to pay for overpriced food. At this point we just walked away from the counter in disgust leaving the food behind, unpaid for.

Next time we're bringing in my own food.
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Our theater a block from my house is really good... for two people, with a jumbo pop and a large popcorn (both refillable once) its only $20.25 (including tax, exactly), but yeah, the food is where they get all the money...
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Lol, Lisa, I hear you. Food and beverages at theatres are really overpriced. At the rate prices are increasing, we will soon see financial institutions right next to the popcorn machine to give people short-term loans to pay for everything.
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Well here in Kelowna we pay about $9.75 per person and about $10 for a large popcorn and large drink(large is refillable). So for Tim and I that's about $29.50. So I suppose that here they rip us off just to watch the movie.
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At the local theater here I believe its 13.00-13.50 a person...It's ridiculous. Much better to just download the movies online illegally. *L*

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And after you pay the crazy prices...i dunno about you..but i usually end up in a theatre with those two ppl that talk the whole time directly infront of me! Then for the rest of the movie im in my own fantasy land thinking about how i will smack one of their heads into the pop corn and then push them down the stairs..but then again...alot of strange things go on inside my head
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I see...well Lisa, if you do sneek your own stuff in, keep it wrapped in a sweater in a bag or keep it extremely well hidden. My sister's friend just carried a bag of chips into the theaters which she bought outside and they actually kicked her out of the theaters and didn't even give her money back for the movie tickets. And then there's the time when my sister just shoved a bunch of food in a backpack and the theater actually got the manager to look through her bag! THEY ACTUALLY LOOKED THROUGH HER BAG! What is that?! They shouldn't be allowed to do it! But if you wrap your food up in sweaters or put it in a makeup bag or something, then they willthink that you only have clothes and makeup Geez I swear though, theaters shouldn't be allowed to do that! They are not airports! Argh!
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Any private bussiness has the right to look through your things before admision. If you don't want them to, then you can leave. Same with bars, restaurants, stores, etc. Most place obviously don't. But when it's private, they make the rules.
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Definitely been there. I'm so glad the new theatre near me (which is HUGE and AWESOME) takes Credit card on food. I went to a theatre that didn't and had to pay 3 bucks for the derned ATM machine. About bringing in outside food, I've done it but it's never as satisfying as movie theatre popcorn, sour patch kids, and a big honkin soda. One this annoying family in front of me all brought in McDonalds' and they covered the bright logo's of Ronald with bandana, yeah like THAT helps. LOL
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i can let u all know that if u go to any silvercity theatre they CANNOT search ur bags so u can stuff all the stuff u want in them and at the theatre i work i its kinda expensive but thats y i got a job there. to get in its 8.50 and i think7.50 for childeren youth and golden tickets and u can get a huge buckety of pocorn a large pop (both refillable once) and a choclate bar for 11.50 so its not as bad as other places
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They gotta make money some how!
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Theatres, in general, are way overpriced, IMO...Why, I remember (not too long ago) when you could see a matinee for 5$ per person, now you're lucky if admission is less than 8$...not to mention that you have to watch close to 30 minutes of ads (which the theatre makes money on) before the movie even starts. I don't even bother buying food, the prices are outrageous.

Sure the theatres need to get their money from somewhere, but they just keep on milking it and milking it for all they can get.

P.S. X2 was so wicked, I love Alan Cumming!
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It costs me about 8$ when I go, ONLY on Tuesdays, that's cheap day I flash my student card often too.....but you have to realize, theatres lose out on the movies themselves...they make no profit, they infact LOSE money...Drinks and food are where it's at...
I load up at the dollar store beforehand for drinks and food...unless they've got those Britney Spears Pepsi cups ; one's searched me yet
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Originally posted by Leo-Land
They gotta make money some how!

I don't have a problem with them making money, it's the out and out highway robbery. I was prepared to pay the 17+ dollars for popcorn and a drink (no refills) but when i had to pay a convienance fee to deposit money directly into their bank account it broke the camals back. I think from now on I will go up order food and when i can't pay by interact just walk away. maybe they'll get the picture.
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