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Edwin 05-11-03 01:48 PM

Silly excuses for breaking traffic rules

I CAN'T wear my seat belt as I have sore breasts;

I WASN'T wearing my seat belt as I was getting changed;

I KEEP getting in and out of the car and it's a nuisance.


I COULDN'T stop for the red light as I was going too fast;

I COULDN'T stop because it's a heavy vehicle and I normally have a wood chipper on the back;

It's a V8, you try stopping it.


I HAD to speed to get in front of you;

I'M HURRYING to the service station because I am running out of fuel;

I'VE got diarrhoea;

I WAS running late for a funeral.


RachelS. 05-11-03 01:58 PM

LOL ...stupid :p

SnowSnake 05-11-03 03:10 PM

lol I just heard something like that on the radio :P

tightsqueeze 05-11-03 03:48 PM

Cop:"sitting at the bottom of a long hill"
Driver:speeding realy fast in his new sports car.
Cop:spotted the driver comming toward him from the distance.
Driver:"Shiet Cops"
Cop: Pulls driver over says"do you know how fast you were goin?....i'v been waiting for you all day "

Driver: says"i got here as fast as i could oficer!"

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