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Old 05-09-03, 11:20 PM   #1 (permalink)
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This is what happeneds when you feed LIVE

Dont go if u have a weak stomach

OK, now i ONLY feed my snake dead mice!
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Old 05-10-03, 12:42 AM   #2 (permalink)
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on few occasions I feed live. When an animal has passed on 4 meals, or for venemous that could use a venom dump(lol a false excuse) BUT I always stand over the enclosure and remove if not immediately killed.
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doesn't that picture look soo nasty?
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Man its true, some people just wont get the hint...Man what proof do ppl need?
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..Eh, I would like to see a different pic when I see a topic like this.
It's always a ball python or a garter..
And for the record, in my past 14ish yrs of keeping herps I've always fed live. (excusing rodent feeding Thamps.)Never a problem.. I guess that's because Im smart enough to not feed a non feeding ball python a rat and walk away..

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Old 05-12-03, 12:11 AM   #6 (permalink)
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Then what WOULD you like to see? A cornsnake? A kingsnake? A burm? It has happened to all types of snakes, and accounts of such can easily be found on the internet.

Its great that you haven't had problems, but without warning people new to the "scene" can make some serious mistakes that can cost the snakes life, or at least call for an expensive avoidable vet trip.

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Old 05-12-03, 07:50 AM   #7 (permalink)
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Yeah, that is amazing that you have never had an incident. But I don't think dropping in a rat and walking away is always the problem. I have seen a rat kill a Diamondback with one bite to the head. Just one bite. Noone is fast enough to prevent that. Stuff happens. I try to do everything to minimize the chance mishaps. I love having a freezer full of rodents.
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Old 05-12-03, 08:50 AM   #8 (permalink)
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I had never had a problem feeding live myself. I haven't fed live for over five years after seeing similar pics to this. That is just a very disturbing picture.
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Old 05-12-03, 09:25 AM   #9 (permalink)
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I have been trying to get the hint across to one of my friends. He refuses to listen to us. There is three of us that have more experiance then him but he still doesn't want to listen. He always uses the "What do they do in the wild?" line. I still can't figure a way to convince him. I hate how some people get defensive when someone tries to help. Especally when they know you have been doing this for a lot longer. I watched my other friend feed his Rhino a live mouse to show off. Rhino's grab the prey and hold on. Unlike a lot of other venomous snakes so it is extra dangerous. The mouse bit the snake on the head and held on also so they were both in a death grip. I thought for sure the snake was going to lose asn eye! Luckily there was no serious damage.
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Old 05-12-03, 09:57 AM   #10 (permalink)
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the only alive mice i have fed to my snakes are pinkies. I feel so sorry for that poor BP. i guess $#!t happens.

Jordan David M.

"I Don't Get Mad, I Get Even!"
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Old 05-12-03, 10:19 AM   #11 (permalink)
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u have to feel sorry for the snake...but pity the owner.
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Lizzy xxx
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Old 05-12-03, 01:23 PM   #12 (permalink)
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I just got the most disturbing email - this is spooky. I had just finished reading these posts, and checked our email. As it turns out they had a tragedy at the Science Centre when one of the live rats (mutilated was the word she used) one of the boas to death. We rescued a boa from them last year - they offered to surrender it because it was mean. I asked all the usual questions and found out they fed live. I was thanked politely for my opinions and advice on live feeding, and had the boa delivered to us. She was mean, and had several scars as evidence of being chewed on, and obviously on more than one occasion. Their excuse for feeding live was they had trouble finding frozen rodents. It seems to me that someone with the ability to find appropriate live prey could figure out how to make it dead - it does seem simple. Much easier than bringing a dead one back to life! As humans we are entitled to be stupid at times, but some people really abuse the privelege.
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Old 05-12-03, 01:42 PM   #13 (permalink)
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It's not hard finding frozen rodents, heck alot of places refuse to sell you live rodents for feeding. Heck being the science center i'm sure they have dry ice on hand to put in the same container as the rodent to give the rodent a painless CO2 death.
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Sometimes snakes require live no matter what we do to prevent it, fact of life. These idiots that leave live prey unattended (especially rats) with their snakes should be subjected to the same fate (eaten alive). I just ran into a girl on Sat. at the petstore with a story on how her brother "killed" his python. Well he didn't actually do it the vet did, but it was the unattended live rat that had chewed his poor python to a point where it had to be euthanized. I explained to her what an idiot her brother was & quickly left before I was temped to vocalize my opinion properly instead of being politcially correct & all. The saddest part is that the snake would take dead/thawed, so there was absolutely no reason for the story I heard. Can you say "IDIOT" boys & girls, I knew you would, sigh! Mark I.
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Old 05-12-03, 02:54 PM   #15 (permalink)
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I just remember my red tailed rats (racers) would only take live. I tried to convert them forever with no luck. I think they were STC though. But in some cases you have to. Just be careful!!!-Tim
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