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Grant vg 05-09-03 01:33 PM

A funny story.....
i got picked up from this cabby today, and we got to talking about reptiles and snakes, etc...and i told him i owned a few, and even though he being from nigeria, and taught not to like them as a child, he seemed like he was very intrigued about the whole idea of them being in captivity.

So like any herper, i couldn't resist the chance of showin off the collection..hehe
So i offered him to come up and check em out.

he was a little skeptical about holding any, but i worked him in a bit and finnally got him to hold one and snap off a few pics so i could send them to him via email.

Heres Mike!
with one of my male reds.

the snake started hissing during this second pic, i told him to hold on and not drop the snake or else the pic wouldn't turn out nicely. lol

Grant vg

Tim and Julie B 05-09-03 01:45 PM

Oh my god that is funny! You invited up a total stranger? That sounds like something I would do. You converted someone into ....well not a herp lover but more like a herp tollerant person. Great job. He is certianly enjoying himself. Grant vg...... humanitarian and amature sociologist. Good job. :D

Matt 05-09-03 01:53 PM

lol, nice grant! Im sure Mike appreciated the demo.
....geez, that male red looks awesome!

jay76 05-09-03 01:59 PM

lol! that's funny :) he sure does look like he's having fun!

Emily-Fisher 05-09-03 02:17 PM

Ahh....the herptilistic-sensation which no one can resist =) Well, at least not me! And it looks like he's having fun in that piccy =) Good job!

Trace 05-09-03 02:19 PM

What an awesome story. Mike looked like he had a absolute blast seeing and holding your snakes. He doesn't look completely comfortable with them, yet not a terrified either. That's great!



Xetox 05-09-03 02:21 PM

The second pic looks like he is ready for you to come take it away! 05-09-03 02:31 PM

ROTFLMAO!!! Grant you are hectic bro!!! Thats all i have to say!! :P

RachelS. 05-09-03 03:54 PM

Dude!! I would have done the same exact thing with somebody I didn't even know... everytime someone comes to the door or comes over I run up to get a snake just to show it off, lol. I've freaked out a lot of people, though, but it's so much fun to see their reactions :p.

Btw, Really nice blood!!!! Is it a bangka?

HetForHuman 05-09-03 06:00 PM

LMAO that is funny as ***** Grant.
What a nice guy you are.

looks like he enjoyed it :)

Grant vg 05-09-03 11:22 PM

Xetox, you are exactly
as soon as the snake hissed, he looked up to god and waited for me to come take it out of his

i as well think he had a blast.
thanks for the comments, that snake is just a regular ol brongersmai. no specific locale. :)

Solid Snake 05-09-03 11:42 PM

lol thats a funny story, did he decide to go buy a snake after that?

i would have!

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