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Help Choose My New Herp

ok my 4th quarter grades should be closing within a month so if they are rather good my dad will allow me to get another reptile. its sort of our lil deal. i have the absolute hardest time choosing what i would like to get so i made a pic page with a poll for you guys to help me out a bit. it doesnt mean i will get what wins ill just use it as a very strong reccomendation. if it is something small like say a hognose i could also get a gold gecko. but im looking for an over all good pet thats not too hard to care for. just look and vote thats all i ask of you i voted for the macklot's but they are hard to find.
heres the site:
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Join Date: Nov-2002
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aww i left out blizzard corns, ill add it when i get back and remove the bts and scorp
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Western Hognose all the way!!

- Victoria :w
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Dont remove the Blue-tongued skink, those thigns are awesome, i would get one but i dont have the money/rooom.
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i wold go with the uromastyx but if you do get one get a mali there the best
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Mali are not the best Nigerians are! I voted for Blue Tounged skink. They are just so odd looking. Matlock....oops Macklots python get to big and nippy! Vines are nice but hard to handle and are escape artists. If you chose a Desert Hairy scorp instead of a Emp. I would have chose that but you have to like inverts to really enjoy them. If you want a hands on type of pet, the Uro. or Blue would be the best choice. I didn't like Uro's until we got some. Lets face it most of us would be happy with any of this! Good luck in your decision and let us know what you end up getting. But personally I would suggest a box turtle once you get one everything else is boring!.
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Ball, get a Uromastyx. You know how much I love mine! The only thing is, if you get a Uromastyx geryi, it will be hard to find a CB one. Mine was WC and is doing great now... But seriously think about a Uromastyx geryi!
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Blue tongued skink, definetly! they make the best pets
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look into bearded dragons too. they might take up more room but they are well worth it!
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