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The new COlors..
Does anyone like the new scheme.. I would like total honesty here as these are YOUR forums guys!! Any suggestions etc, would be GREAT... i would like to hear them all... so let me know!!


backdraft1320 06-15-02 10:10 AM

i was wondering
couldnt you add the different themes to the color set option.
that way every body could pick and choose?
just an idea, i like them all!

Grant vg 06-15-02 10:25 AM

I dot mind this one...although i prefer the purple scheme...:rolleyes:

Linds 06-15-02 10:38 AM

I don't like this one, it's depressing...............

I like the old one, the tan, I find the warm tones most welcoming after sitting here for "x" number of hours :o

Quervo 06-15-02 12:26 PM

Sorry Jeff, I have to agree with Lindsay. This one is a bit too "institutional". I like either the tan or the purple.

(see, even the smiley faces are cold)

Corey Woods 06-15-02 02:02 PM

I dont' like it......I liked it the way it was before you moved it to the new server........why mess with a good thing?


PoiSoNouS 06-15-02 03:57 PM

I don't like the brownish colors... :confused: 06-15-02 04:33 PM

lol i'm gonna add more colors right now so everyone is happy! YAY!! :):):):

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