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Smile A plea...

I've noticed lately that there has been a lot of squabbles, arguments, flaming, disagreements, whatever you want to call them, on the forums. Some I've participated in (yes I am aware of the irony), some I've observed and yet others I've only heard about it. Perhaps it's not my place to say, but I find this very sad and dissapointing. I mean, why do we frequent this site? It's not a chat room for 12 yr olds teeny-boppers with raging hormons, no, it's a wonderful (canadian! ) site for people to come seek and share information and pictures, as well as forge important friendships.
I know not everyone here likes everyone else, and that there will always be disagreements between members, but can't we get past that and appreciate the love and appreciation of herps that everyone one of us has?
And let's stop taking things so personally... I've seen many misunderstandings or constructive critisms that are percieved as insults or "flaming", have escalated into long and mean arguments, and have ended up getting the thread deleted. To what end? A waste of time reading and writing, and frustration, as well as a loss of any useful information that was on that thread.
So c'mon, let's all grow up, get past these petty squabbles (if we can't, there is always a handy little ingore feature!), accept it when we were wrong and someone else was right, and continue making this the #1 best, friendly herp site on the net.

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very well put Zoe
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Oh Zoe, you're such a loozer. You think you can just walk in here and tell us wat to do!? This is a free country.

And wats with "petty squables" maybe some of us have a life and snakes are really important to us. Colubrids are hardly snakes btw....they're not cool as pythons. they're for loozers.

and Canadians suck. Just thot I'd mention that while I'm here.


Zoe you nut! I'm gonna get in trouble for this.

<b>I'm just teasing, everyone! HUGS ZOE (she made me do it )</b>

blah blah blah
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LOL BEEJAY .. I knew that was not your writting!

I totally agree with Zoe though . There has been way way way too much bs between ppl .. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE .. We are only so tolerent ..
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How Ironic is that, lol

All the best!
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There is a lot of that going on at just about every herp site. Unfortunately, there are a lot of 12 year olds with raging hormones on these sites that seem to know everything there is to know about any and all snake or lizard in the world and just throw out anything idea that comes to mind and swear it to be gospel. There are also a lot of experienced people who come to this site, as well as the others, who see this and do not want the newbies to take what the those 12 year olds are posting as good useful husbandry information. And if we call them for it, they get all offensive and thus starts another flaming thread.

I may not have 1000 posts like some here, but when I do post I try to give helpful, accurate information. Even doing that I got caught in a flame (by someone who posted in this thread no less). So it seems that it is not just 12 year olds who start them.
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Wow I get so nervous when dom talks tough I just wet my pants out of fear (lol sorry dom could not resist s smart arse comment to you ) it might get a laugh from the others which is good will lighten thins up a bit.

I for got to mention Dom also has some awesome pythons (has a very nasty rock) Don't worry Dom I will be making more fun of you at a later date for a good laugh feel free to kick boot or ban me if you Dare LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

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Well said guys... Lets not have trouble in the family, there is really no need... there is so much more problems going on in the world we dont need to pollute our safe haven and sweat the small stuff!
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Well about the whole 12 year old thing...isnt there an age limit? I mean something like that could prevent a lot of this. I agree Shane, dont sweat the small stuff!
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Vic, thanks.

I know it is not, at times, easy to stay clam about something that we all are so passionate about. I, myself, have even gone off the wall and bashed someone for saying something that is their opinion on a thread that was just started to cause such a ruckus.

If anyone feels that I have unjustly bashed, flamed, or otherwise offended them in any of my very few post, I apologize to you. This is a passion i my life, and I really do not like seeing pseople coming in to forums like this for the sole purpose of passing along misinformation and starting flaming threads.

If you are wrong I will point it out. If it is your opinion, I should not argue that you are wrong. (Although, sometimes I will if I feel strongly enough in my opinion, as we all will & do)

Now, let me clarify opion from facts.

The feeding live versus frozen thawed or fresh killed debate, is an opinion. Everyone stands somewhere on this debate.

But on the other hand, someone coming in here and posting an answer to a boa cage temp, saying that 70 degrees is to optimal temp, is just plain wrong and I will post to state just that.
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I know that I am passionate about herps and very opinionated. I have went back and edited a few posts that I wrote because they were too harsh. I try, but I call 'em like I see 'em.

Your very own Militant American Hot Herper
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The unfortunate thing is that no matter what is said, someone is going to disagree. And too many people become defensive about what is being said. If we could all just take the good with the bad, then it would work out eventually. There is such a diversre unit of people here, with different interests, and while that is a very good thing it also lends a hand in controversy. Personally, I think it hasn't been too bad. Many other sites have much worse things going on. I love ssnakess for it hospitality and great memebers, and I wouldn't change a thing. ;D Cheers everyone, love ya all! (metaphorically-hehe)
Julie B.
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I can get like this myself. Sometimes I may post a reply that comes off a little harsh but i try my best not to personally insult anyone or take it too far. I have no personal gripes with anyone here. Usually if my posts are a little harsh it's only cuz it's MONDAY AND I'M FREAKING TIRED DAMMIT!!!!
(Hehe I love you all)
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I am just pleased that i have only had a couple deleted! New record for me!
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.
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Not to mention this site would be like really crappy if all we did was agree with each other. How boring.

Its much more entertaining, educational, and interesting to have at least *some* discussion, even though it might make (oh no!) "waves"

I have yet to see a real problem on this site.

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