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SnowFoxx 04-25-03 12:51 PM

Seeing red
This came up in anther forum I visit: I've always heard that snakes can see color, or at least *some* color (not just black and white). Is that true?

- Victoria :w

Hamster of Borg 04-25-03 12:55 PM

Melissa Kaplan's article on Reptile Vision


J_Riley 04-25-03 01:10 PM

I don't know if anyone knows the answer definitively or not...

Supposedly people use red or blue lights at night b/c snakes can supposedly not see those ends of the spectrum.

Snakes (except some vine snakes) don't see like we see. I like to think of it like "Predator II" when the alien has to switch from infrared site to other sight types. They detect movement, they don't "see" a mouse as a mouse, but rather something warm, that smells like food that's moving. The vines snakes are an exception, they can visually recognize stationary prey.

Lisa 04-25-03 01:15 PM

From what i've read and seen on documentries snakes see alot like cats do. Apparently they can see in colour and low light how ever they lose some sharpness due to this.

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