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If you think feeding live is cool....??

Think again cause this could hapen to you
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0.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons,
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HOLY! POOR SNAKE! Is that yours? Ouch!!!! I can't bear to look anymore
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wow what were they feeding that poor ball python a Monitor or something i have seen some of your pic's and i know that cant be your's so i am going to say that the owner of that poor ball should not have reptile's did it live ?
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It had to be put down, and it was a mouse that did it.

more info on the snake at
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A Blender is NOT a feed tote!

Unfortuantely we see alot more animals like this than you would imagine. The evils of live feeding!
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.
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Old 04-24-03, 07:33 AM   #6 (permalink)
Please Email Boots
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We use that photo as an example why we do not feed live.

We also have an old male boa that used to be a stage prop for a "crackhead stripper" (their words, not mine) until an equally upstanding pair of people adopted him. Wanting to watch him KILL something, the morons bought the biggest hamster they could find. It bit the poor snake as he was trying to KILL it, and he had a huge festering abcess on his face when he was dumped off at the rescue. Six months later, he needed to have surgery to remove a piece of infected bone. The only reason we spent over a grand on this snakes medical bills is that in spite of what has happened to him, he still likes people. (There are days I don't like people!) He is on the mend, and still incredibly sweet, but his scars tell the story. Everyone who sees him asks "What happened to his face??
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MY GOOD GOD!!! Poor snake! When i feed live rodents i hold the rodent from the tail with a stick until the snake makes a strike. I let go when the snake has grab it. If a snake is not hungry then it is more like a sheep and if the rodent smell the snake and there's no one near, the poor snake have a few chances to survive.
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OH MY GOD! That is brutal. I have always fed my snakes f/t mice and rats and thanks to that picture I always will. Poor snake.
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How long was the mouse left in there with the snake????
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Thank you for posting that! I always forget where it is.

Yeah and again for those who believe in it, why not tell us all why live is so good? HA! This photo is just another reason not too, and I have yet to see a reason TO feed live.

Thanks again for posting that

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that sucks.
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That's really horrible. I hate iresponsible reptile owners. Anyone with any amount of reptiles related knowledge knows you don't feed live! And for pete's sake, if you do, at least pay attention.
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I saw that pic before... It almost made me cry
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I'm going to have to agree with Tim and Julie on this one. It seems that this is not a mouse problem, persay, I think this is an irresponsible pet owner. I feed half of my BP collection live, and have NEVER had an incident happen. It seems that the snake in question had an owner who decided to leave a live food item in the environment unrestricted. Stupid, stupid people.
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Irresponsible owner is only half of it, feeding live is never safe. Simply put, in the wild if the snake isn't immediately hungry, he moves on. Both animals confined in a small area, they're given no choice. Usually it is the rodent that suffers, but not always.

Here's a pic of a little kingsnake I got in that was with fuzzy mouse for about 5 minutes, watched the whole time. The owners saw the mouse doing something weird and took him out, but didn't even realize the snake had been bitten until the wounds started to get infected and swell a day or two later. In three days he looked like this:

All it takes is one bite to be fatal to your animal, or if not fatal - painful, disgusting and scarring. A bite can happen in a split second, before you could ever respond even if you were standing right there watching. I just think the risk is too great for my pets.

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