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Steve Erwin A Fake?

i watch croc hunter all the time and i see all the ******** things he does withs hots. i remember seeing this somewhere but i cant remember where. someone said he uses venomoids and most of the show is setup. i thought about it while watching him handle a bunch of hots like a total moron. any respectable herper wouldnt run up to a wild hot and grab it by the tail and play with it "what a beauty" and i notice how they have the camera focused on the snake before steve even sees it, then it shows him running over to where the camera is acting like he just found it. imo that show is total bull and loads of it is setup, not all but most. and the way he wrestlers with gators! omg he must be on something to run and tackle a gator or steal their eggs. he also claims he hasnt been envenomated, with the way he handles those hots that is suprising. i guess he doesnt count being bitten by a void then. im gonna stick to jeff corwin he isnt as ******** and fake s steve.
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jeff corwin i think is way better then steve but i watch steve waiting for the dumb @ss to get a bite then i bet he will think twice about useing a "TWIG" insted of a real snake stick lol
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Yes...I agree. The entire show is set up. have you seen the rattlesnake episode? All of a sudden, Terry says "Look, there's another one over there!" and her and steve start running for about two minutes down cliffs and over bushes and for en entire two minutes, all you see is them running. Now who in the world can run like that?! Certainly not me! I hate the way that he treats the snakes but I like the lizard episodes =)
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Um, guys, you may call it a set up, but I call it editing. Just like hunting and fishing shows, you are not going to get animals to cooperate for the TV. There may be 3 days of filming, searching for animals, finding the perfect shot, etc. before it goes to the studio and gets edited for TV.

I am not sure if he is a fake or not, but I do agree that he is nuts. Then again, so is anyone that handles hots on a regular basis...(For you, BWSmith)! IMO, though, thats one of the things that makes that show interesting to watch. Kudos to him, or anyone, that can handle reptiles like that!!
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Send a message via MSN to Emily-Fisher DO have a point. I still think that he is nuts though :P
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he he he, JP.

A great deal of his show and other shows is set up. I remember one in particular when he came to a log and said "This the perfect habibat for a little Death Adder..... OH LOOK, here's one now" lol. The setup may not be as bad as paople think. IT may be a matter of finding it and then doing commentary or show a chase (like when he tripped on a barbed wire fence while sprinting and his camera guy was already on the other side).

I will not get into other opinions about Steve at this time. Because I could write a book on the problems I have with him and a paragraph on what i like. For all the Irwin fans, try doing alot of Educational Programs, you will feel one aspect of my Irwin pain.
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Steve and Terri Irwin are very active in the zoo community and when the Philadelphia Zoo had a terrible fire which burned down their primate house on a Christmas Eve some years back they were among the first to jump in and offer assistance.

There's a lot more to them than is apparent on the show and I respect their work in conservation and captive breeding. It makes how Steve handles herps a little easier for me to take.
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I agree with BWSmith, most of the nature programs are set up.

One night I was watching a sea life program, and they started showing how Sea Horses court each other and what not. Then I did a double take because when I looked closely I saw a fishing line moving one of the horses around. I dunno, I felt cheated. *LOL*

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my only problem with Erwin is that his show is somewhat targeted to younger audiences and the dangerous handling practices he uses could be imitated by some of these kids to everyones regret. I do respect his conservation efforts and the time and money he invests to help animals and facilities around the world.
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You cannot take a camera and run even if it looks like that. The whole thing is setup from a director with script and a crew of people who work in television. The show is constituted by different scenes. Between the scenes they "cut" prepair the next one and continue like that. The animals are not wild but taken from ranchers. He looks like a moron but i think he does a good job because he is targeting to children. That way, they learn some things correctly before they get into the herp hobbie. reverendsterlin: He always points the fact that what he does is a matter of many years experience with reptiles and no one should try to catch venomous snakes like those. I work in television 10 years now as a cameraman-director.
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you all should be happy about him atleats he is the one doing that cool stuff along with that he teaches alot of people and children the ways about nature i think he is great i learn somethings from that man must of you's would not even attempt holding those reptiles.
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Like him or not...reptiles are a lot more popular now than they were before he was on TV. Real or Fake...he does preach conservation of animals and their habitat. Even people who say they don't like him seem to know a lot about his shows...
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i still like steve cause he has his own zoo,3tvshows and hes super rich. so what if the camera saw it first.
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bp5000?, why are you so mad? (pst... It's a television show.... It's just entertainment. ) If you don't like it, don't watch it. Do you hate Hulk Hogan just because his matches are fixed?
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