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Hey Vic

Yes, I'm serious
My grandmother is in stuffed the attic as well...don't worry i didn't eat her.

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That way, when you criticize them you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
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Originally posted by SnowFoxx
Vic (and Lisa) - That's actually a good way to get free meat if you get the body soon after it was hit. After all, hunters drag their kills all around to weighing stations and such, and the meat is still good when they get around to it. It sounds gross to pick up road-kill, but it really isn't. Seems like a waste of meat - and a life - to just let it sit by the side of the road, you know?

- Victoria :w
I know, I don't have a problem with it. if a deer destroyed my vehical i think i'd eat it too. the one time i did hit a deer (i swear the things are suicidal) i was in saskatchewan and it broke my bumper but my bumper broke it's neck. but in saskatchewan you're not allowed to claim it you have to leave it @ the side of the road for other animals to eat it. kind of stinky and makes for more road hazards if you ask me... also in saskatchewan you have to pay extra for wild life coverage.
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WEll us canadians are a little barbaric. KILL KILL EAT EAT. mmmm. Deer tastes great. I heard that roadkill wouldn't be good because wouldn't alot of the meat be bruised?? I dunno if it'd be that great. Remind me to hit a deer next time I drive and throw it in the back of the car when it's dead. hehe about the guy who said they are suicidal I totally agree. I have friend who was driving on a country road when she saw a deer and stopped to avoid hitting it. She was at a full stop and the deer ran into the side of the car went over the hood and broke it neck and died. I dunno I think they don't like the harsh life of living in canada. ehehe. Kind of a funny/sick/sad story thought I had to share it.
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I thought that in order to keep a road kill you had to call the fisheries depatment, get their authorization and then have it inspected first? Kinda off topic, but I really want to know!
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My grandmother is in stuffed the attic as well
Please tell me that THAT is a joke...
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All I know is that none of my animals are wasted if it dies I bring it to a vet to profesonaly disect it and learn the antomie of the animal in greater details I think we all did the frog thing in high school it is excelent way of learning.

My friend had a 12 foot burm die he personaly disected it and pickeld all the orgens and profesionaly fixed the skin and let the carcas rot for one year in the compost heap ant later boild the carcas and bleached all the bones and reconstructed the whole thing I am teling you it makes asome display and teaching tool if you can do it right.
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I've heard that too. In UK whatever you do you must have a license. With 300 cameras on the center of London i can assume that London turns into a militaristic city. When my friend from Heathrow learned that i have 30 herps, 30 mice, 10 rats, 5000 crickets, 1000 mealworms in my department he couldn't believe it how "they" let me having all that stuff.
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lmao Jeromerules thats a hillarious story, i havent laughed that hard for a while.
Experience is a great advantage. The Problem is that when you get the experience, you're too damned old to do anything about it.
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I think I would be more enclined to have a smaller snake stuffed rather than skined....but yea I would prolly take a skin of a burm or retic if it died of natural causes!
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This is a great question!

I haven't had a snake die on me yet and I am not looking forward to the unfortunate day I live through the experience. I sincerely hope I will keep all my snakes until they get very old and that they have long healthy lives.

That said, would I have the skin preserved if one of my snakes should pass? Surprisingly I would think I would. I personally think it would be a nice way to preserve something of an animal I loved for so long. I would even display it in my home if I could arrange it in a way that I liked.

Some may think it morbid but as long as it was not the reason why the animal is dead, I see nothing wrong with it. I would have it done by a professional, I could never even think of doing something like this myself to any animal, especially one that's been my pet.

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thats the stupidest thing i ever head a
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i wouldnt personally "do the deed" myself but if i ever wanted to, then id get it proffesionally done DEFINATLEY would not want to mess that up!
this rescue where i volunteer has a few stuffed herps, turtles, snake skins and a croc or two! im telling you the snapping turtle they have, is way scary!! they use them for educational stuff/shows. they have a freezer in the basement which is full of dead things! its pretty damn full and has a recently deceased huge water monitor in there, which they want to get stuffed! its gorgeous, so you can understand why i guess?
my great aunts got a stuffed croc i wouldnt mind having it to be honest make an interesting conversation piece!
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I am so tempted to stuff Roxy when (heavin forbid) she dies. She is at 5 feet now, and I can only assume that she will reach close to six considering she is only 7 and sheds like a baby. She would be super cool to have stuffed, and I could be reminded of her everyday.

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Send a message via MSN to Emily-Fisher It sounds kind of gross. I just bary my pets in my pet graveyard in a certain area of my backyard and hope that my dogs don't dig 'em up and hope that maggots don't eat them
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