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OT: cat worms

Hi I was wondering since most people here have other pets aside from reptiles, if anyone has a suggestion...

When you let your cats outside, they obviously need to be wormed. Its cheap enough at the vet, but they want us to do it like each month since our cat Spaz is outside each day, and a huge mouser. She catches 3-5 rodents/birds per day and eats some of them.

I don't like the idea of forcing Spaz into a carrier every four weeks, then driving all the way to the vet and back just for a simple 5 dollar worming. (as you can see this is not a money issue) And since she is always outside she needs worming a lot or else she gets infested.

Does anyone know what else we can use? Or how to go about it? Maybe the vet has something better I can ask for?

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Well what I do is just stop by the pet store and pick it up. Talk to the person there and ask what they suggest for either round or tape worm which are the 2 most common. Both should come in capsuls if not chop them up mash them what ever and mix it in with their food. If they refuse it just dont offer any ther food and maybe keep them indoors since they can always find mice outdoors to eat instead. Sooner or later they will eat it. My mom has a very finicky cat she had to withhold the food until around dinner time then mix it in with tuna. YOu could force feed them but to me thats just a pain and unnecessary.
Its pretty simple and usually does the job within 24 hours.
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O.k. thanks guys! I didn't mind paying for the vet visit but it sure will get annoying taking her in each month.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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heh you could always try to give the cat a pill instead of mixing it in the food. How to found here
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I treat all of my animals with good results with a horse worming called Ivumectin (sp). It comes in a 50mg tube paste. Each animal receives their needed doesage every six week, and there are no bumb huggers here.
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Hello. How about an idea. I think it is always good to prevent then to treat. If he is an outside kitty, why don't you put him on Revolution. It is a topical internal and external parasite preventitive. All you do is apply the liquid behind their neck once a month. You don't need a vet visit every month, just your routine exam every year. (At least where I work) The medication usually runs about 10 dollars a month and it includes the flea and tick prevention.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a salesperson. But it is an option.

Good luck with what ever choice you make.

P.S. Just a note on Ivermectin. Remember it is a HORSE and CATTLE dewormer and is formulated for small animal use. Just remember the Ivermectin can kill you animal if it heartworm positive and has been seen to cause blindness in dogs!!!!
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Thanks for the other great ideas!!! I will definitly be checking out Revolution. That sounds great. I hate this worming thing but I can't keep her in because no outside and no mice and birds to eat make Spaz go CRAZY!!!!

<img src="">

hahah thanks again folks.
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Reptscue, good point on the Ivermectin. It's fatal to many turtle and tortoise species and eastern hognose snakes because it crosses the blood/brain barrier. There is a very narrow safety margin in other herps before it causes neurological problems.

It's illegal to use Ivermectin on animals weighing less than 5 pounds here in Pennsylvania.

Marisa, I use Revolution for my cat and it works like a charm. Just be sure that your cat doesn't come in contact with your herps for the day as a dose that is safe for mammals is a significant overdose in reptiles and the stuff can rub off onto other animals. The active ingredient was never tested on reptiles as far as I know and might not be safe at any dose.
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