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Unhappy Bad start to the long weekend...

AT about 7:20 this morning I woke up to a weird scratching noise coming from my closet and my girlfriend asked me what it was. So I simply told her it was the savannah moving around, and she told me it had been going on since about 5. So after about a minute I rolled out of bed and looked at my savannah he was under a piece of wood I have in there for him but I could see he had his mouth open. I didnt even think to check why I just went and ran a warm bath. After the bath was ready I went to get the sav and I moved the piece of wood and freaked. There was about 4" of a 3'+ black mex kingsnake still hanging out of his mouth that had somehow got out of its rubbermaid. I panicked I got my g/f to go on my msn for me and see if anyone was online to help me but there wasnt so I took my sav in the bathroom and held it well my girlfriend gently pulled the snake out. I dont know if this was the right thing to do but this is the only thing I could think of. So I got the snake out and it was alive but just barely it couldnt hardly move and once again I didnt know what to do. so I checked the savannah out real quick because it looked there was blood on his face because the king had been biting the side of his face. So I put the Savannah back and I went to get the king again who from what I could tell was dead . I didnt know what else to do so I put the king in a bag and in my freezer. I feel so bad I have no idea how this snake got out, and to top all this off the snake doesnt even belong to me. I had it here cause I was selling it for a friend. I took a couple pictures with my webcam they arent great but u can kind of see what I went through.

This is the worst experience I have ever had with my reptiles, and it makes me feel really ******. Sorry if my story upset anyone or if you think I did something wrong, but I was panicking and this is all I could think of.


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Crap man....that sorry to hear that...
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Ah, so sorry to hear that. I hope your monitor is doing alright now. If it makes you feel any better I probably would have done the same, I too wouldn't know what to do in a situation like that. It was just a fluke so don't beat yourself up about it. Too bad the snake didn't make it but I hope your savannah is alright. And try not to let it ruin your entire week end. My thoughts are with you. Deb.
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When dealing with animals, the only certainty is the unexpected. Don't beat yourself up. I have seen enough crazy stuff happen with herps. Ya never know and here are some things you just cannot foresee.
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awww Nick, thats crappy

:skull: Jenn:skull:
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Sorry to hear that bro wish there is something I could do but the only thing I can do is say i feel for ya and hope the rest of your weekend goes better .AL
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wow nick sorry to hear you should have put both under running warm would have startled the snake it might of come out on his own.that is what i did when my kinsnakes where eating each other 3 years ago at that time never know they would do that thanks to the running water they both survive.
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Nick... Nothing you could do bro... Seriously... It happens... Must have been nerve racking though to pull the snake out etc, definatly something i dont know i would have been able to have done personally... Cheer up man is offline  
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That sucks man, sorry to hear that. Now what are you goin to/did you tell your friend?
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Sorry to hear that Nick
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Nick, I'm really sorry to hear that. I, too, feel badly that you had to go through something like that... It's probably really nerve wrecking . I really don't think there's anything you could've done, but you did your best and that's all that counts, man.
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omg thats horrible. sorry man
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Sucks to have something go wrong with a snake in your care. even worse, it was done in by something of yours. But you have no control over what the animals do, and it is a natural instinct for things to eat each other... Hope your buddy is understanding, it would be worse if your buddy wasn't selling him, at least you can make it up to him by buying the snake.
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Similar thing happend last year... My mantis eggcases hatched on me, and I waited a shed, and seperated all 75of them into large plastic cups, with a large square of mesh elasticed on top... somehow, 4 escaped, and got into an already 2nd shed one, and all four were eaten... It was still a mystery how they got out. No others went out, and they all went into that one cage somehow... It was wierd seeing four mantis cages empty, and one with a super fat mantis, adn four half eaten bug bodies... But that wasn't near as bad as this sounds. That REALLY blows, adn I have some idea of how you are feeling. Hope your friend understands!

Dan Conner
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I'm so sorry for you...

Like the others said, don't beat yourself up over this... Crappy incidents happen...

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