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How excitable are you?

When you rescue, purchase, obtain a new animal...what goes though your head?

Do you go thought the torture of naming it or just scribble corn 15 in a book and post a sticky-note on the rubbermaid? lol

Do you get excited ovet the skinks and leos even if you're breeding rubber boas?

Do you have a species or favourite pet you treat differently than the res?

My answers? Well I name my children/animals after names I've heard in music/movies/bible/literature...people I idolize or whom I've met and thought they'd better as a reptile.

So um...if you visit me it's probably best not to ask their names if wer'e on bad terms cause they're trained to bite...hahalol

And old pic, but my snake and he looks every bit as beautiful and I held him just now and nearly cried. lol :

I named him "Ash" and my corns are Wilma and Max, and Harvey's my red sided garter while Bruno's the ball and the leo is Simon

/me weeps :}
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duh that's do you go THROUGH the tortrure of naming pets..I.. didn't see until there were some pawprints on the screen? How did they get there, why are they so wet looking and how am i gonna explain this? lol

And why are animals dumb? lol wish I could help you out
/me falls asleep
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What what what?? LOL!

And to answer your question, yes I do go through that torture of trying to name a pet and when I get that animal I nearly pass out just holding it in my hands because of my strong love for them.
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I recently purchased a Pastel Jungle ball from Graziani (Feb.1) and STILL have not named her. As of right now, just so she has a name, she is Pastelina. I go through torture naming my balls (not the 'twins'). I have gone months until a name has popped into my head, one that is 'worthy' of my new pride and joy. I am really glad that there are others like me with the same obsessive, anal-retentive attention to detail when it comes to finding the 'perfect' name. Thank you for starting this thread, I can save some money or therapy.
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Old 04-15-03, 09:03 AM   #5 (permalink)
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Every one of my leos-31 now- has its own name and yes, each cage has a sticky on it with their names. And I can tell you who is who even if I don't look at those tags. Torture? Not me cause I'm always thinking of names to use. Guess it's a girl thing!
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For me it takes months to find a name, it isn't that i can't think of any but they just aren't suited to that snake . I somtimes treat my python differently to my corn snake by holding him more cos the corn snake is so fast and won't stay still for half a minuite. :rsmile:
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All of my pets are exciting to me and I love them all equally, fancy or not. I do enjoy having nice specimens in my collection but I spend just as much time if not more with my "normals". Of course everyone has a name in my house, sometimes they come easy, sometimes I ask for help

I am just in the process of making labels for all the terrariums! More so for everyone else than me, I can remember all their names easily!

Keeper of 5 snakes, leopard geckos, 1 green iguana, 20+ tarantulas, 2 dogs & a bunch of rats!
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