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Old 04-12-03, 11:40 AM   #16 (permalink)
Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Peterborough, Ontario
Age: 32
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The only snake I have been bitten by is my baby cornsnake, but that didn't hurt. I haven't been bitten by anything else though.
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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: Mississauga
Age: 45
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Same here, I've not really been bitten.

My yearling red sided garter seems to have stopped biting me (for today at least).

I've only been bitten by garters...the worst being on a field trip. She wouldn't let go, even started sucking on my wrist. My whole arm began to feel numb; I react to their anticoagulating chemical. I was also holding a baby (human).

At least Jenny didn't laugh too much at me when I asked her to help me get it off my wrist. :P
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Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: Ottawa
Age: 32
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1. The bite from my IJ, which wasn't bad at all.
2. That bite, it's the only one I've ever had.

3. My chameleon! (she GRINDS her jaws)
4. A young fat-tailed gecko

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Join Date: Jan-2003
Location: Everett Wa.
Age: 48
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the worst snake bite would have to be from my guyana boa, but hes pretty small so its not that bad.

the least painful is deffinately my ball python its like shes just smackin me with her gums.

The worst and the least painful lizzard bite would have to be my old iguana,since only one lizzard has ever bitten me, he just would not let go.
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Join Date: Jan-2003
Location: Ottawa, Canada
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hmm lol my crested gecko bit me once :P it tickled but my feelings were hurt...things were said... crab pinched me too! but that was my fault...
Heather Rose
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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: England,notts
Age: 29
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when i 1st got my collard lizards they used 2 bite, and it would really really hurt. Espesically the male, he'd make me bleed!!!!!
1.1 ball pythons, 1.1 anmel corns, 1.0. collard lizards, 1.1 pastle B.C.I's . 4 tropical fishes
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Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: West mids,UK
Age: 32
Posts: 523
only bitten once by a snake! i think it was either a columbian or brazillian rainbow boa.....cant remember! right around my finger on my hand and knuckle, it didnt hurt at first, i lost about 6 pints of blood then it went yellow...then i woke up the next morning and it swelled up and went purple! i bruise easily!!it hurt a fair bit then....
ive been nipped by leos, beardies, a plated lizard and a water dragon! most painful was the plated lizard, least was the water dragon cuz hes got a manky jaw
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Join Date: Dec-2002
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Age: 29
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1. What is the worst snake bite you have recieved? Burmese python bite... she was only 5 feet but wrapped around my whole arm, and her teeth were deep in my wrist. I bled like crazy. It was blue and purple there for about a week.

2. What is the least painful snake bite you have recieved? ummm, I'd have to say the one from a little milksnake I recieved free from Petco. That thing thought it was so tough. But the patch nosed snake I caught felt pretty much the same.

3. What is the worst lizard bite you have taken? Savannah Monitor bite!! That thing has huge teeth, and he grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go until I submurged him under water. He's vicious!

4. What is the least painful lizard bite you have recieved? LOL, anole bite... do you guys think these lizards are stupid for trying to bite you or what? I mean... it's like "we can squash your stupid little head, you damn lizard!!" sheesh
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Join Date: Feb-2002
Location: southern ontario
Posts: 750
worst,16' burm,15' retic
least baby jcp
no lizard bites (yet!! new monitor only matter of time LOL)
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Join Date: Oct-2002
Location: Portland, Maine
Age: 37
Posts: 261
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I've never been bitten by a reptile, but I've been bitte several times by dogs and horses. Horse *that's* pain!!

- Victoria :w
0.2 Ball Pythons (Idunna & Freja), 1.2 Corn Snakes(Arden/Vanora & Liath), 1.0 Columbian Boa(Ruadh), 0.1 Rough Green Snake(Caoilin), 0.1 Trans-Pecos Rat Snake, 1.0 Western Hognose Snake(Perth), 0.1 Northern Blue-Tongued Skink
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Old 04-13-03, 08:33 AM   #26 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jul-2002
Location: Toronto
Age: 43
Posts: 112
1. Most painful snake bite: from a 5' Hog Island boa, the gashes weren't that bad but he tagged me right on my hand ( I have very small hands) from across the tank at full force. I was left with bruises for two weeks, and for about three days my hand had felt like it had been hit by a softball.

2. Least painful snake bite: from a variety of hatchlings, corns, milks and kings.

3. Most painful lizard bite: 2.5' Sav. monitor. I was 16 at the time and I received 3 whole stitches on my hand below my thumb.

4. Least painful lizard bite: anole/ juvie crested gecko.

:skull: Jenn:skull:
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Join Date: Apr-2002
Location: Left of center
Age: 49
Posts: 462
most male suri (chewed me real good lots of blood and cursing )Least male columbian I had to look down to see if i got tagged felt like a tap very little blood.No lizzard bites(do not keep lizzards) I bet cobra man would have some good bites for this forum

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Old 04-14-03, 02:39 PM   #28 (permalink)
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Join Date: Mar-2007
Posts: 1,867
worst snake bite - adult Taiwan beauty hard hit to the hand
least painful bite - baby beauty snakes
never been bitten by a lizard, had a few near misses with the Tokays

worst snake bite - adult JCP to the hand and held on
least painful snake bite - actually a 5' African rock opened her mouth on my bicep and tried to EAT me - surprisingly no pain at all
only lizard bite - baby nile monitor - little brat would not let go
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Old 04-14-03, 03:09 PM   #29 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: Alberta,Canada
Age: 48
Posts: 49
my owies

The worst, which left permanent scars, was a 14' Burmese python which held on for 15 minutes. Right on my middle finger, right hand. 27 puncture wounds and LOTS of blood. Also the most profane use of the english language in history! After that no bite from anything has hurt.

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Old 04-14-03, 03:22 PM   #30 (permalink)
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Join Date: Feb-2003
Location: Moncton, New Brunswick
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my worst bit was a 10 foot burm
falowed closly by a 6 foot anaconda
funiest baby carpet python
worst lizard crocodial monitor
funiest lizard baby water monitor and that stiil pinched
I dont consider the rest bites cause it did not brake the skin
0.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons,
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