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The GTP raffle is off guys please read.
Well there wasnt enough interest in the raffle so im going to be calling it off... Anyone who sent me cheques will have them mailed back to them, Jason email me your banking info or mailing adress so i can send you your money back and Quervo ill paypal you yours back! lol sorry about this guys... I will try something like this again in the future but on a smaller scale...

Yve 06-03-02 07:51 PM

I didn't even get a chance to put in for the raffle:( I thought it would go for a month or two...aaawwwww....

Sean_.E. 06-04-02 02:44 PM


This is just a suggestion but I think it would be a really good Idea If you put on a raffle for sumething a little cheeper.

Example: Corn snake

Raffle ticket price: $5 a each

If you did this people may have a greater interest because they are cheeper, smaller more popular and easier to keep. Some other herps you could raffle are: beardies, ball pythons, leopard geckos, and other things.

This is ONLY a suggestion! ;)

Sean.E.:bsmile: 06-04-02 03:04 PM

Thanks Sean! your right on the money with that one! we will be offering another raffle pretty soon along those lines so keep your eyes peeled!: ) :)

Quervo 06-04-02 05:51 PM

But .. but .. snake .. cute .. win .. mine ..I .. I [insert tantrum sequence here]

Damn .. that sucks, oh well, I'll have money in Paypal ready for the next raffle.:D

Canadaherp 06-04-02 09:19 PM

Hey Jeff
next year i will donate a baby dragon to this site to raffle off because theres a lot of people on here who arent allowed ot keep snkaes (DAM DAD!!!) so it may sell pretty good too!

Grant vg 06-04-02 11:00 PM

Personally, i dont think it is the fact that the tickets are too pricy or that theres a lack of ppl wanting to participate...more like ppl getting off there lazy a$$ to go to the bank or use a CC that they dont have....Just my

If everyone lived on the same sure 100 tickets would have there an easier way to get money???

Linds 06-05-02 03:38 PM

IMHO, I don't think that the raffle was open long enough to give it a chance. I expected it to be open for a month, but it closed after only a week and change...

Also, $20 is a fair ticket price, but even still, some people may not be able to afford to enter at that price :o

Cas 06-06-02 04:34 PM

I would've entered if boas and pythons were legal here... if the next draw is for a corn or a leopard gecko or something I will <b>so</b> be in... :rsmile:

Dom 06-06-02 04:47 PM

I know what u mean Cas .. same here .. All boas and Pythons are Illegal in Ottawa..

There only by-laws though - Its never stopped me or hundreds of others in Ottawa..

But lucky for us .. Our by laws are changing soon enough to the same as Toronto's // Its about time too!

On an other note,

Linds and Grant had a point .. 20$ may be a bit .. there was not enough time for ppl to enrole and it is defenetly a pain in the a$$ to try to get the money to you Jeff..

I had the 20$, but I don't have the time to try to figure out a way to get it to you .. The idea was great but there must be a more effecient way of doing it?

Dom 06-06-02 05:03 PM

Yeah i see what everyone is saying.. I also called it off because i know it was going to take a long time and i didnt want to hold everyones money for any length of time. The reason the tickets were $20.00 is because this was a $1000.00 animal give or take and if we raffle off a $200.00 snake of course tickets would only be $5.00! :) so we'll see whats next! but look out this week for our free give away! cheers!

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