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reptilez 04-08-03 09:05 PM

Good Size enclosure??
I was wondering what a good size enclosure for a Emerald Tree Boa and a Green Tree Python are.

Also what is a common price for them?:confused:

Burmies 04-08-03 09:10 PM

You could get away with a 48 or 66 gallon tanks.


Linds 04-08-03 09:36 PM

Tanks are probably your worst bet for housing any arboreals. It is impossible to maintain adequate ventilation and humidity levels. Being arboreal, good airflow is one of the key components in maintaining these species. For smaller sized animals, they can be housed in rubbermaid containers, and larger animals do best in custom enclosures. 3x2x2 or larger is suitable for most adults of these species. Prices for Emeralds usually start around $600 or so, and GTP's start at around $950. Hope this helped ;)

reptilez 04-08-03 09:47 PM

Is 3x2x2 LxWxH or HxWxD. And also, what is the average adult size?

jpaulson 04-08-03 10:24 PM

Shouldn't this post be moved to the enclosure forum?

Linds 04-08-03 11:27 PM

Nope, it's fine right here as its not pertaining to building the enclosure. It's also about both GTP's and Emerald's... that's three different specific forums, hence it fits perfectly in the General Discussion ;)

That's 3(L)x2(W)x2(D). That however it the minimum, if you can afford the extra vertical space it is definitely appreciated :) Emeralds average 5-6 feet, Basins however can attain lengths of up to 8'. GTP's average around 5'+ or so as well.

reptilez 04-09-03 05:47 AM

Thanks for your help Linds!:D

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