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Lisa 04-07-03 07:27 PM

What did you get at the show?
What did you get at the show this past weekend? katey and I didn't spend much, just picked up a snake hook and took a look @ some heat rope that Jeff is selling.

There were a number of snakes I saw that I wanted but the purse strings were a little tight this month, I didn't even get my customary corn snake (we've bought at least one corn at each of the previous 4 shows). Well there's always next show!

Bearded AL 04-07-03 07:39 PM

Hiya I picked up a beautiful year old female bearded dragon,plus some worms and other stuff for her.I had a great time there and meet alot of relly nice ppl.

asphyxia 04-07-03 07:50 PM

What did you get at the show?

A brused behind from Shane grabbing my a$$

Not Funny

Dom 04-07-03 07:55 PM

I got a hang over and a swollen neck from sleeping in my car..

Honestly .. large fedding tong .. and two 80 watt 35 foot heating cable... quite the interesting product.. I did also pick up a large female coastal from ReptileHQ..

Personally, I thouh this shows selection was much lower then any other .. It was worth going down to meet everyone but unfortunetly there was nothing there that caught my eyes..

wetlander 04-07-03 08:06 PM

It was my first show. I didn't get anything as the wallet is thin, but I saw some nice baby boas that were very tempting.

I was glad to meet a few of you and put some faces to the names.

I am looking forward to the next one.

Who's going to St. Jacobs?

Lisa 04-07-03 08:09 PM


Originally posted by Dom
I got a hang over and a swollen neck from sleeping in my car..

Dom, with the amount of time you spend sleeping in your car you should get a van. :)

boa 04-07-03 08:10 PM

i hear you dom but the hangover was great and meeting everyone was great too.
ps.the only thing that caught my eye was corey woods ball python's.

when is the st.jacobs show?

ReptileHQ 04-07-03 08:25 PM

picked up a pair of Scaphiophryne gottlebei. Neat little guys...


P.S. look it up LOL:)

monitor boy 04-07-03 08:29 PM

i went all out at this show
i got a nice baby ornate nile absolutely beautiful
i got 2 whites tree frogs needed to add to my collection.
i wish i had more money there were some nice monitors the waters and the black roughnecks too much money to spend at one show.

Edwin 04-07-03 08:38 PM

I just picked up some silkworms and mealworms, my leopard gecko is absolutely thrilled with the silkworms.

I was itching to pick up a herp, but unfortunately (or fortunately) nothing really grabbed my attention.

Beejay 04-07-03 08:43 PM

I personally didn't buy anything, but my two year old bought a deli of kingworms. ;)


Burmies 04-07-03 08:47 PM

It is nice to hear what everyone got at the show. I wish that they had shows like that here in Nova Scotia.


Lisa 04-07-03 09:12 PM


Originally posted by Burmies
It is nice to hear what everyone got at the show. I wish that they had shows like that here in Nova Scotia.


You'll have to get together with a few other easterners and have a road trip to come down for the next show. :) There should be enough of ya to fill a bus at least :bounce:

Mark 04-07-03 09:20 PM

I picked up 3 crested geckos (from cindy i believe) and a nice little blood of PCPC. Also some lighting a feeders

ranmasatome 04-07-03 10:42 PM

Man!! i was SOOOO tempted!! almost picked up a pictus or the bastardi gecko dudes from PCPC..the considered teh sooo close....but i knew i would be going away i didn't...also looking at all the beautiful white lipped pythons....again...the going away stopped me...its so hard to find a nice black phase. AHHH!!! stupid job!...hahahaha...

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