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Just wanted to see what kind of opinion the people on snakess had on this topic. Whats more important to you as herp owner the rarity/value of an animal or the appeal it has to you personally?

So basically is that GTP worth grand more improtant to you then that $20 iguana that you raised since a hatchling and free roams your home or vice versa.

I know I have alot of very expensive animals in my collection but even though they are all important to me my vieled chameleon, Entie, who I raised since he came out of the egg is my dearest and thus most prized herp. What about the rest of you?
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I have a hard time with this Each one of my animals is my "favorite", for different reasons. Money has NOTHING to do with it.
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I buy what I want. Regardless of cost. If its 1000 then I am saving 1000. If its 50 then I am saving up 50.

A lot of times I have noticed that some people put down colubrids for their cheapness or whatever their reason and say things like "hey get a real snake" as they show their GTP (example). But my reply is that I don't WANT a GTP. And if the only reason they wanted one was because it cost 1000 then they really need to reevauluate why they want snakes.

Some people would be killing each other to get corns if they cost 1000.

I buy what I like. My most prized herps are the ones who have certain personalities, etc. Much like you. I place value on my PERSONAL love for the specific herp. Not the price tag I paid from the breeder.

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I have never been one to pay much attention to "purebreds" or "papers" or the such. Just because an animal is purebred, or a special morph, or special color, that should not determine its value. All living animals have the same value, or at least they should. I will love a mutt just as much as a miniature poodle. I will love a garter snake as much as an albino boa. Price should have no effect on the value of a creature. All our God's creatures, and should be treated the same.

So, to answer your question, as BurmBaroness said, money is not my I feel about the animal and its personality is what matters.
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ball pythons: hardy, cheap, nice patterns, great attitude, easy husbandry, and just good pets. thats why i keep em. my favorite herp is my baby ball, it is 7 months and 30 inches, its my darlin. i have spen countless hours with it so it means the world to me. but i sure would love a gtp, ever since i was 8 i loved they way they look. they are amazing but excess of 650.00 for one is insane. hehe, thats why i love my baby 95.00 ball
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It would have to be the longer I have owned the more it means to me.

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I currently own an albino ball, a jungle pastel ball, and a few normals. My first female normal, Eve, is by far my favorite snake, regardless of price. I've had her since she was s few weeks old, and I've watched her grow and mature, reach puberty, and have her first date, soon, she will get married and leave me, I do not look forward to the empty nest syndrome...............I digress.
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I guess I feel like some of the others...I like what I like and if I have the budget and space, and time...and knowledge, then I end up with what suits me.

I don't always get what I want though (ie. blue darts) because I find husbandry a bit of a challenge still.

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The animals that have meant the most to me are rescues. I don't pay a cent for them although I do spend a fair bit on treating them.

Petwise, I adore my green igs and both of those were rescues as well. Gizmo didn't even need any treatment, just a good home. Amazon has cost a small fortune in MRIs alone.
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Same here with me, money dont matter its the way i feel twoards my babies.. i love them all just the same as if they are apart of my family.. as a matter of fact they all get treated that way like family!!!! My animals are all special to me and always will be...
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Two things are important to me in a snake/lizard and they are: that it has a nice personality and that it eats well. How much it costs is not important to me at all, when people come over to see my reptiles I don't just show them my $250 blood python and leave my garter snake in it's cage. And the eating part is really important to me, it absolutely drives me crazy when something doesn't eat!
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Definitely the value of the animal is what it means to me personally over its financial value or rarity.
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i want to know how a snake can cost 1000's in the first place! theyre all pretty much "brought up" the same way! maybe one needs more humidity or heat, but i dont see how that adds up to hundreds more? but i have to admit it would be great to get thousands of /dollars for basically having a pet or two!
i think id need to feel somekind of personal attatchment or it has to feel "special" to something to pay that much! i know what im trying to say if it makes no sense then feel free to beat me with a silly stick
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I'm gonna go with, they're all my favorites for different reasons. All my leos were rescues, I like Murtle b/c she was my first reptile, Aurora because she was the smallest and had to be force fed so I've got a maternal connection with her, and Seneca because of his personality and the fact that he eats like a horse. Jose, my rosy boa, is my only purchased reptile but he is a favorite because he is my only snake and likely always will be, he went through a 5 month fast without a scratch so he is amazing to me.
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Cost has nothing to do with the value of the animal to me. Each and everyone of my animals have a different personality and i love each and everyone of them for it.
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