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constrict on frozen/thawed?

Do your boas and pythons still constrict when you put frozen/thawed food in front of them? (if you just place it in the tank with no pre-show for them to lunge after)
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My ball will constrict the thawed prey...funny thing is that he is not very good at finding an end to start eating. He has it by the body and tries to get it down...and can' he lets go and looks around for the head. Quite often he can't find the head (because it's under a part of him) and he lets go completely and goes back into his hide. If he does not eat it very soon after that, I take the mouse out and place it back into hot water and re-offer it to him.

He has constricted and then refused up to three times with the same mouse. If he's going to piss around then he can wait until next
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Most of our snakes here will constrict f/t prey. The gopher snake doesn't constrict at all, just opens her mouth and very gently takes the prey and starts to swallow. She is SO unbelievably gentle....
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all our constrictors do this, and some of our colubrids...
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most of are snakes constrict i play with the f/t rodents in front of there face as they think it is live but it is dead.
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Well I am lucky all my boas are rat hammers they grab constrict hold then devour.I don't even warm them up beyond room temp anymore pigs I say just pigs.

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I would say about 35% of them constrict a f/t or prekilled rodent that is simply laying in their cage. About 75% of them constrict if it is dangled.
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Old 04-04-03, 07:47 PM   #8 (permalink)
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I agree with Linds on this. If I leave it in, they don't constrict, just start swallowing, but if I do the "rat dance", they constrict.(Kill it!) They think it's still alive, I guess. I do have one male BCI that while I am holding the rat with hemostats by the tail, come up under the rat and start swallowing it.
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I try to wiggle the rat to get a strike/constrict out of them. Don't know if it matters, but it gives them a little bit exersize. If I lay it in there, they just go swallow it. Of course we have one Guyana that will only take a F/T rat off a plate!!! No feed tote, wont eat. No jiggle, won't eat. On substrate, won't eat (good), on a plate, she will mosey over and snarf itdown. What a snob!!
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I really can't say, cuz all my snakes take their food fresh killed or alive so they have to constrict.

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Old 04-04-03, 09:01 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Live food is very dangerous. Fresh killed is the better of the two.
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.
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