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Old 04-01-03, 11:21 AM   #1 (permalink)
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adopt or not to adopt?

theres a leo at work i want to adopt! he/she is the sweetest little gecko, but it has a problem, it has one eye bigger than the other, and it has some damage. im worried that it may get worse or cause problems? it doesnt seem to pose much of a problem? it eats fine, looks healthy?
but would you adopt an animal who was um...... "damaged"?
do you think i should risk it?
views/comments/cheese ?
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Old 04-01-03, 11:30 AM   #2 (permalink)
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Well, hes probobly unwanted by other people and it would be nice to have a home..If nothing is wrong with him and hes eating fine and is healthy, I would do it. But thats just me. Sleep on it and see if u want him the next morning maybe? Good luck!
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Yes! There is nothing more rewarding than reptile adoption. All of my leos were adoptions, all of them are pretty healthy but still. It's nice to give them a better life.
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Old 04-01-03, 11:50 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Holy cow, most of my collection are these "mutant" animals that nobody wants!

If you like the gecko I would adopt him. A few things to consider though.... do you have the time, finances, enclosure etc? If you do, these unwanted herps make the best pets IMHO.

The only real problem I can foresee is that eye might need some veterinary attention in the future. Then again it might not!


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Old 04-01-03, 12:11 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: West mids,UK
Age: 32
Posts: 523
those were some fast replies!cheers
gosh trace! how mutant are your animals?
theyre not mutants......theyre just um aesthetically challenged!
i like the unusual things! id be the one to pick out the weirdy thing of the bunch, eg. "aw i want the dog with the three legs"
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!
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Old 04-01-03, 01:08 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Hey if you don't want him, I'll take him
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Old 04-01-03, 01:26 PM   #7 (permalink)
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Absopositivolutely!! In a heartbeat! Most of the herps I've owned were confiscated from either a petshop or an owner that abused/neglected them and they are far more heartwarming to keep than the lovely and perfect animals I've gotten directly from breeders, although I love those too in their own way.

Just double check your budget to allow for vet expenses and try to greatly overestimate them so you are pleasantly surprised rather than un.
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yes.... ive got a babe with 1 bad eye i still love her just the same!!!!
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Go for it Rach! He deserves a good home just like all the rest of them... When I was little I always used to buy the stuffed animals that nobody wanted because they always looked so sad! Y'know the bunny with the wonky ear (Which I incidentally called "Wonky Bunny") and the bear with the missing eye... They're my favourites! I say if you want to and you can, then go for it. He'll make a great addition I'm sure!

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Old 04-01-03, 04:59 PM   #10 (permalink)
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There's nothing wrong at all with adopting handicapped animals! Someone's gotta love them I have several myself - and my doors will always be open to more! Here's a pic of my kink-tailed gecko that has an underdevloped eye (which she is blind in). She is THE best! Always wants out, eats like a champ (I handfeed her because she has no depth perception, she overshoots a lot, its just easier this way), has more personality that all my other leos combined. She has a few imperfections, but all that means is that she won't be a breeder, she still deserves all the love and care that the other ones do

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Old 04-02-03, 04:38 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Location: Dartmouth,Nova Scotia, Canada
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I really see no problem with the leo. I say gop for it and take the little guy home with you. The eye does not seem to be problem.

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Old 04-02-03, 04:54 PM   #12 (permalink)
Please Email Boots
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I adopted a three footed Bibron's gecko that a friend of mine couldn't sell. He leds a great life and moves around very well on the glass. He now even has a girl friend! If it dosen't look sick and skinny it should be fine! I had a blind (could only see movement 6 inches from his nose) ferret named Impala for 5 years and didn't regret it for a second.
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Old 04-02-03, 05:01 PM   #13 (permalink)
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I recently adopted a male leo from a pet-co that was very UN healthy so i took it to the vet and even though i had very little money at the time i had a good freind of mine offer to pay it for me and it has been a great rewarding experance and even though i am prodominitly a "snake guy" it helped me to open the door to many other very interesting reptiles

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taking care of a "problem" herp is far more rewarding. Just gives you a bigger warm fuzzy feeling.
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My Rainbow lost an eye at an early age. He is the world's happiest one-eyed snake. Whoa, did that sound perverse.
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