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It's funny, I've been a big fan of wrestling since I was about 5, 20 odd years or so, and I don't live in a trailer, I don't solely subsist on a diet of Kraft Dinner and I don't have any kids in the playground with track pants and black dress socks with sand-caked snot on their upper lip. Actually I think that in the last two years or so, wrestling has really classed-up a bit. I have to admit that I do long for the days of the JYD, Tito Santana, Don "The Rock" Muraco (The REAL rock), Hillbilly Jim, and the likes. Back in 'the day', wrestling was simpler, more wholesome, not like all the T&A of the last few years. I am glad to see that all the sex has been toned down, and that the whole 'wrestling is real' crap has ended also. Sports Entertainment, we know the matches are staged, the moves are real, and they are wholly, great athletes. It is nice to see that the scripts are also a lot more simple; More a caricature of themselves. They now can poke fun at themselves, which is a breathe of fresh air. I will continue to watch, and continue to love it.
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It is about time they signed him. It has been two years. They even brought Booker T in to they WWE first. I still do not understand why a wrestler of his fame could not get signed sooner, unless he did not want t ocome to the WWE right away.
Next they need to bring in STING.

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would you give up 8 Million dollars to sign a contract worth maybe 2 Million a year?? Goldberg from what i understand was still under contract with Time Warner and it was a LARGE contract. He as well as Sting decided that those contracts were more important to them. You cant really blame them (well, Goldberg), they would both be coming to the WWE making less then say, HHH or The Rock, who are making about $3 Million a year just for in ring time, this doesnt include endorsments (if McMahon wasnt lying on Stern). So now that Goldberg's contract is up, he has decided to sign on the dotted line. Apparently they are also in talks with Sting now.
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Bring back the warrior!!! As far as Goldberg is concerned I had the opportunity to see him on Off the Record and he was quite adamant abourt not joining "the coporate bullshit of Vince McMahons heirachy" in fact I'm a little dissapointed that he went back on such a strong statement I think that he may well end up facing the fate of Brett "Hitman" Hart.
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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apparently the 'Rock' had a large influence on him signing with the WWE..
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what ever happened to the guy with the snake?
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Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.. I believe he's still around somewhere, more then likely still in rehab. He became a born again and then everything went down hill for him.. I could be wrong though, but thats what i believe i saw on 'under the mat'
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His burm was beautiful and I liked the way he used it when I was little, but now I see that he threw it around quite a bit. Yeah Jake the Snake is in rehab. I also agree with bringing the warrior back but I also think that a little bit of time should be given to all of the new talent before they bring back all the old legends.
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nah.. the 80s/early 90s wrestling rocked!.. Hogan, Macho Man, Warrior, Shawn Michaels [before DX], Undertaker [how he first was], Earthquake, Tugboat/Typhoon, Demolition, the RoadWarriors!
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