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From the time I was a kid I have always dreaded this. When I was 4 years old for a while I slept with all my stuff I garbage bags beside my bed just in case there was a fire I have so many animals, I wouldnt realistically be able to get them all out in one go, but I would do my damdest to do so, by whatever means I could, snakes could hold on to me, I could throw the rest in bags and tubs.......
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If a fire broke out in my home I would be in a **** load of trouble. Getting two kids and a wife out of the house along with all 21 snakes and something to carry them in. I pray to god that I never run into that kind of problem.

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I would grab both snakes, put them around my neck, Grab my two lizards and put them in my pockets, and run! Hopefully my family could get out with Ginger (Daucshund) safely.
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First of all, there are 2 fire extinguisers in my apartment that I could use to out a fire that started directly in my place. I do have a vague plan should it be too large to put out or it started in another apartment.

I have a drawer in my living room filled with snake bags so I'd start stuffing herps into them like crazy and they would go into a rubbermaid if there is time, otherwise out the window. I'm in a split level and the ground is about nipple high on me when I look out my windows. I didn't choose my place specifically because of that reason but I'm sure glad that I thought of that plan. If the fire prevented me from reaching the snake bags I'd try to get pillowcases, clothing I could knot up to close, or even stuff them in my bra, socks and pockets if I need to do so.

The budgies are in a small aviary and could go out the window just as they are. The cat is trained to come to me at a whistle and I could easily get him out.

Finding and calming my free-roaming ig enough to get her into a bag would probably be the biggest challenge. She'd likely be in one of her 3 high basking areas and smoke would definitely make it hard to see her. I'll have to think about what I could do to make that easier. She means the world to me. If I absolutely had to make a choice, obviously I'd save the animals that were closer and easier to get to first but I pray to God I never have to make that kind of choice.
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Living in an appt building we have the fire alarm go off for no particular reason, so we've had reason to think ahead. we have 2 coolers and a coolatron in the herp room plus handy snake bags for the bitey/canabalistic snakes. Kitty cages at the door for the cats and a length of rope incase the hallway exit is inaccessable. The rodents would probably be abandoned. Do we have everything covered? probably not, but it's better then no plan at all.
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