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Old 03-26-03, 11:37 AM   #16 (permalink)
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Mad Hatter: The bonsai kitty page is a joke. The didn't actually shove *any* cats into jars, and if you examine the pictures carefully you'll see that. The pics they show that *are* real are very small kittens crawling into very large jars that they could not possibly get stuck in. It's a joke. Laugh.

The cat scan page does not appear to be a joke. Most if not all of those appear to be actual scans of actual cats. However, almost all of them are scans of the cat's feet or butt while they sit/stand on the scanner. There are only one or two face shots, and I don't see a hand holding the cats head so it has to look at the scanner. I've owned a lot of cats in my time, so I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that their owners coaxed them onto the scanner and took the scan fast while the cat stodd force involved. My cats like to get onto/into everything, so I can definitely see them getting on a scanner. Another note...I have not only scanned my face, I have *copied* it as well, and the brief flash of bright light (many scanners don't have lights anymore) is far from torture. It's mostly just a surprise (note the look of surprise on the face of the cat...LOL). Once again, LAUGH. *I* think it's funny.

- Victoria :w
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My whole problem with people scanning their reptiles is the fact that we have eye lids while some of these animals being scanned do not. If their scanner does have a light it IS very cruel. Stop being cheap and go buy a digital camera. cripes.

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Ok I may have been a bit up tight last night maybe I need to hook a breath alyzer to my computer so I dont post nonsense.
If youre happy and ya know it slap your face!

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Have you ever had a kitten? LOL most all of them enjoy sqeezing into tiny tiny spots.

Our full grown cat will force itself into a ten gallon tank, a five gallon tank, cereal boxes, fish bowls, boxes, anything. On her own free will.

A neighbors cat LOVES to get himself into plastic shopping bags and be carried around. He goes in, you grab the two handles and he lays there, for HOURS sometimes even though it looks like he can't breath.

I could photogrpah this entire thing and do the same website, and a bunch of people would call me "inhumane"

Also- clearly, no child was IN any jar.

Its a JOKE. I don't think its "mean" at all. There are far worse "mean" jokes out there that people enjoying watching. Look at JackAss. lol
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Old 03-26-03, 01:38 PM   #20 (permalink)
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Instead arguing about whether or not a scanner is appropriate for taking an image of your herp, advise the individuals doing so to refer to their user manual, which states how dangerous it is for your eyes to come into direct contact with the light. Also, scanners are also meant for copying still IMAGES, not live ones.

I wouldnt have thought in a million years id ever read about someone using a scanner to process images of their herps.. thats just wierd.
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Old 03-26-03, 03:28 PM   #21 (permalink)
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I liked the kitty in a jar thing. That was pretty hilarious! ha!
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Bonzai kitten is a joke, it's obvious. The kittens wouldn't be so cute, and it would be possible to order one if it werent.

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Old 03-26-03, 04:50 PM   #23 (permalink)
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I have never scanned any of my snakes on my scanner. I have not ever took their pictures and then scanned them. My snakes deserve their privacy to. Not saying that it is wrong for people to do it, it is just that I would not do it to my own.

Thanks Burmies
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Old 03-26-03, 05:21 PM   #24 (permalink)
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You wouldn't scan a photo of your snake to put on the internet?


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Ive only used my scanner as a camera once, to get a picture of my carpet because i needed a texture. Even that didn't turn out too great lol. I think a low-light scanner would be alright if you wanted to take belly shots or vent shots like the leos, but not anywhere near the head, and with snakes you could have the head not even in the scanner, like if they had a neat belly pattern or something.

Yea those bonsai kittens are totally fake, animal rights people tried to take them off the net, but since they arent doing anything illegal the animal rights people cant do anything. Still I get flooded with e-mails about it "Look at what this site is doing its so bad, send them hate mail!" which is a bunch of bull.

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