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Old 03-24-03, 02:24 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Sigh.....Lucky me....what a bad year....

Hi all,

just wanted to post this to let my feelings out for now....this is such a bad year for me....

Geeze.....I think that this is not my lucky year......guess what happened yesterday. I was cleaning my adult snake room yesterday changing all the aspen to newspaper. Well the frist few things were miner things that happened. 1) After changing the snakes to news paper, I think more than half of them decided that they want to take a pop in the new I had to rechange that again. 2) After changing the aspen to newspaper, some decided that they want to spill the water everywhere plus break all the plastic cups that are holding the water. 3) My female Red Candy cane wanted to breed with my female lavender.....(before my male orange candy cane wanted to breed with my other female orange candy cane but she wouldn't let her..) So I poped the male orange candy cane into the female red candy cane. But the only thing is that the female red candy cane got really pissed off and tried to bite my male orange candy cane...for somewhat of a reason.....even though they did dance a's weird... 4) Then later on I had to go eat dinner while changing the aspen and everything. So I put everyone in a container and then left for dinner....when I came back.....some how my male orange candy cane went loose......and then I was searching the whole house for it.....finally found it in my hatchling racks....phew....(I think this was like the luckest part of my year for now....) 5) When I was cleaning up my redy candy cane and the male honduran milk snake, I think that the two of them have a miner RI.... 6) When I was changing the adult normal and adult caramel corns.....this was the worst adult normal corn had a RI that was so bad....she was literallly spitting out blood....I was so shocked that I thought that she was dead when I first saw her until I saw her tonge flick out.....and then I had to clean her up and separate her with all my other snakes. I think that the RI that is floating around in my house is from a snow corn that I bought back in Feb from a reptile show. The guy was called Death Stalker on I pm him once I came home and found that she was actually having RI and it wasn't a miner one was quite serious....(but obviously wasn't as serious was my normal one right now) So I think that it's because of his stupid snake having RI making some of my collection to have RI. I did separate them from my other snakes but then you know how small my house it's quite hard to totally separate them all.....sigh.....what a great year I am having right now......

now before yesterday as a lot of you remembered....I had that stupid human society come into my house and checked everything.....sigh.......just kind of depressed and wanted to let things out.....thanks for all the time....
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Poor Simon I am sorry you are having such crappy things happen.

I felt just like you did this past week! I threw my back out so I couldn't walk for a few days and POOF! All hell broke loose with my animals. *L* It seems like when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong!

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Only 282 days left!

Hang tough Simon.
"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
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ouch makes it hard to get out of bed some days doesn't it.
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May you live in interesting times.
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Boy, that does sound like a terrible time. I hope things turn around for you and that the humane society didn't cause too much trouble for you.

blah blah blah
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Old 03-24-03, 07:07 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Not having much luck. Things will look up for you.

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This week: 4 stick bugs died from old age. Both my mourning geckos geckos got loose twice, and one layed an egg (after I caught it) that went bad. I missed out on a concert I was really looking forward to, and I even found out that it was only $1 instead of $20 (some weird sale, lol) My leg has been hurting from football and running, and I have just been feeling depressed... Nothing too major, jsut a lot of crappy small things.
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Things could be worse.
Heck, we could live in Iraq.
*don't read into that statement too much.*
If you have your health and your family I think everything will be just fine. Life is tough on occassion, but anything can be endured if you're rational about it.
Good luck to all.
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It helps just to let is pour out, doesn't it? Hope things start looking up for you, Simon.
On the other hand, you have differnt fingers.
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Things will get good soon Simon!

Sorry you are having a bad time.

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Hey Simon, hang in there as i know all to well what a real bad year is all about.. I have been dealing with my daughters brain tumor for a yr and a half now, then rescue snakes commin in so bad that no matter what ya do or how much care and vet services ya get they just dont pull thru.. so i know what its like to have a rough time.. take care....
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Your RIs are ongoing due to some little flaw in your husbandry, not a contagious issue... no offense and I hope that doesn't make your day worse. Keep your chin up, we all have tough ones...

Also, nouserpif, I have LOTS of stick bug eggs incubating, maybe I can hook you up when they hatch Mine also just recently died of old age.
Day 10051 of life as a human on this planet... but who's counting?
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