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Old 03-22-03, 11:49 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Who here has met who?

Not sure if this has come up yet, but thought it would be interesting!

Who here, as a member of ssnakess, has met other members?
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Old 03-23-03, 08:47 AM   #2 (permalink)
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I have not me anyone here in person or in chat.

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I know Katev17 *beams ever so proudly* you're all so jealous :P
...oh and I got to meet Baz too

Heather Rose
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I know watermonitorman and the boa-mania owners, that's it.
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Never met anyone yet. Hope to go see Ryan and Sheila at Scales zoo sometime. They seem like nice people.
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Old 03-23-03, 02:22 PM   #6 (permalink)
HyGhBr|d's Avatar
Join Date: Sep-2002
Location: Toronto
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i have met shane, jeff, linds, memento, i think thats it....if i have met ne 1 else and i forgot i apologize
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I talked to Ballpython5000 on the phone.. Lucky me!
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i know all of you. I am watching all of u rite nowlooking at your computer. lookin though your window "HI!!!"
only jokin your safe
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Ive met lots and lots of members, the show threads prove many it would take me like an hour to list them all...but look forward to meeting even more
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Old 03-23-03, 03:40 PM   #10 (permalink)
Tim_Cranwill's Avatar
Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: Manitoba
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I know all of the Winnipeg guys and I have met Jeff Favelle, Walter (don't know his last name), Henry Piorun, the guy from S.C.A.L.E.S. Zoo and Mark Isbell.
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Old 03-23-03, 05:50 PM   #11 (permalink)
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I have talked to a lot of people, and I hope to meet some of them this summer...
OMG guess what!! This time I asked my dad if we could go to Canada for a summertime trip, and he said he'd love to!!! Then I told him my mom's thoughts, and he just told me to let her think about it maybe cool down because she works A LOT and literally has no time to do stuff. I told him why I wanted to go and he thought it was a great idea plus he thinks Canada would be a beautiful place to go visit. I'm sooo excited! I hope they both agree on going so I can meet you awesome people!
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I've met lots of people... Tony, Shane, Jeff ********, Dlucka, Grant VG, Grant (PCPC), Aaron, Peter, Dom, Trace, Katt, Christina, Helena and Kahane, Nick (chappy), Darren Hamill, Rennee and lots of other people who go to the shows.

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I've met a number of people either through the shows or through private trades, and chatted with a bunch on the chat. If I listed them all I know i'd forget a bunch.
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Location: maine
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me and jeff, aka leo-land have talked on the phone. but besides that i know none of you.
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Join Date: Dec-2002
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I know HEATHER! (now I know her admirers are all getting ready to SHOOT me) she's one of my greatest friends..! and I know Trace and I know Baz and Dom , too

I think that's it?
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