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Talking Everyone PLEASE read

Quick story: My wife has a very expensive sofa. Marius slipped in it one day and I could not get him out. Luckily, she was gone at the time. I whip out the knife and remove the felt from the bottom. No Marius... I start to sweat. She will be back any minute! She walks in literally as I have the hammer ready to dislocate a 2 X 4 on the bottom. She goes nuts. I mean nuts. I insist that I can't just leave Marius in the sofa and she says "It's just a damn SNAKE". I said "It would be different if you were stuck in there!" Well, she takes over and sticks her arm in the back of the sofa to rescue my "Damn Snake". .... Wait for it.... Yep, SHE GETS HER ARM STUCK!! ROTFLMAO For 15 minutes, she wiggles and wiggles and can't get un-stuck. The Lasher (I enjoy talking of myself in the 3rd person) goes and gets the hammer again, destroys the sofa, and get's the wife's arm un-stuck. She then asys " I DON"T CARE WHAT YOU DO, GET THAT DAMN SNAKE OUT OF MY COUCH". I cut a 3 inch hole in the fabric and Marius crawls out. I swear to God this is true. It was one of the funniest things that has ever happend to me... until I have to rebuild the sofa. Actual picture of one of the kids on the sofa below!
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Now that is funny!
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I'm surprised that your snake wan't scared and bit ur wife while her hands were in there!!
Other then that it's pretty funny!
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Lol! That's funny! I'm glad you got your snake and your wife out ok!
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from now on buy a couch that screws together or dont let the snake go in the couch (I know its impossable) it happened to me but my couch is easy to get at anything stuck in it out good looking ball too
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Lucky you didn't have a fold out couch... that could cut your snake in half trying to get it out. I guess you're going to have to keep a better eye on your snake.
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You are so lucky.

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LOL, it's a beautiful sofa but doesn't hold a candle to any snake. Thanks for an entertaining story and sorry for the couch casualty.
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Send a message via AIM to Lizzy001 Send a message via MSN to Lizzy001 did u rebuild it?? lol...loved the story
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Lizzy xxx
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LOL LOL that's hilarious!!
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Lmao!!! Thats crazy!!! Was your rebuild a success?
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hahahaha!!! thats funny stuff....
and would you rebuild it...??
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The couch is rebuilt. I had to add some structure to the bottom and it still has the 3" slit in the back. As luck would have it, our ferrets now use the inside of the sofa to sleep.
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Lol thats a funny story. Im glad u got the snake out! :-D
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You should have left the wife there, and got the snake out.

But... I suppose then, you'd really be in the 'dog house'.
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