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Post diseases!

i know you can get diseases off snakes....theres one , samonelle ( cant spell )......i would like to know what are the symtoms of it...can humans get it?
i know if you dont clean ur hands after and before u can get it. but i wanna know a bit more.

replys plz!:w
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I have not heard of anyone getting samonalla from snakes. If you feed your snakes other then rodents, then there is a chance that could happen. ex. like chickens.

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CDC Information on Salmonella.

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Here is a good link.
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Snakes can carry samonella in their feces but unless you touch your snake crap then lick your hand, it's unlikely you would get anything.
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Lol, funny but partially true gfisher. You also need to disinfect anything your snake climbs on because sometimes they do crawl in their own poop before you spot it so if you take it out and let it crawl on a table you should disinfect it because there is a very slim possibility that salmonella can be contracted.
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Although Iggy's are well known to carry salmonella, all reptiles have the capabilities. Salmonella is a baterial infection that is usually found in feces. When your snake defecates, he may crawl through it, therefore spreading the bacteria (if he/she does indeed have it) throughout the cage and on his body himself. Incubation can be anywhere between 3 to 10 days, although usually symptoms occur within 2 days. Symptoms are diarrhea, vomitting, stomach pains, and fever. In a few extreme cases, salmonella can lead to typhoid fever, which is very serious. The normal fatality rate for a person that has contracted the salmonella bacteria is extremely low. Less than 1% die. The hardest hit are the elderly and children. Most cases involve children that have handled reptiles, and contracted the bacteria that way. Keep in mind, that salmonella can be passed by other ways other than feces. Saliva (as in a bite) has been known to pass the bacteria along. I hope this helped.
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I personally have contracted salmonella from contact with a snake. It was terrible, worst stomach cramps of my life (including convulsions and loss of consciousness), severe vomiting and explosive and uncontrollable diarhhea.

There are many strains of salmonella, you can get it from raw chicken, river water, reptiles and amphibians, and salmonella has the capacity to live on a dry surface (undisturbed) for up to TWO YEARS! Salmonella is fairly normal gut bacteria for herps.

Hand washing with normal soap after handling herps is all that is necessary to protect yourself from contracting it! Good handwashing should be a way of life for all herpers.
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This list is what you could possibly get from reptiles and amphibians...


Also tapeworms, round worms etc but ya gotta EAT the reptile to get those

Yersinia entercolitica

Amphibians can also give you Hepatitis conceiveably, it's been documented at least once...
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