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Old 03-21-03, 10:20 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Unhappy Childresn python finally laid eggs and they are all BAD!!!!!

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I waited for this for the last nine months! That childrens python I kept posting about (the Henry Piorun bloodline) that I thought was gravid, then not...people looked at her and couldn't tell. She mated with the male, nothing happened, 4 months later she was cooled (on the advice of a few other people who have bred this species before). She came out of cooling and refused food for a month and a half, then laid 8 eggs that are all moldy! Now maybe I missed the eggs, because I wasn't expecting them, these were my first snake eggs, but I don't know what happened. I AM SO MAD!!!! This is so not fair. She won't be able to breed agian this year will she? This is justy so not fair and I have few friends that care about snakes so I had to tell someone!!!! Thanks for listening to my ranting. Someone just kill me, life is so unfair to me!!!!
Lisa Pawley
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Sorry to hear about that! But just wait till next year and chalk this one up to a learning experience!
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If u bought her possibly gravid.. thats was just a lucky shot! .. Unfortunelty, u did not get eggs but there is alwasy next year and every year after that..

Patience.. It will pay off
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Lisa, Don't beat yourself up over this, Pythons are far more difficult to breed then Beardies and Leos and everyone experiences situations like yours at one point or another.
I have! Like Xotex said, Chalk it up as a learning experience and give it another go next year. And remember....We're all here for ya!


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sorry to hear Lisa.....pythons aren't as easy to breed as most takes a bit more than luck I am afraid. But you should take this as a learnign experience and hope for better luck next season. I would pump her full of good fat mice and get her ready for the next clutch.
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Old 03-21-03, 12:30 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Sorry to hear it, better luck next time.

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That sucks to hear, hopefully you won't have the same results next year.
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sorry about that. Dont worry i remember when 1st leo had its 1st egg and a cricket got to it before i could. Then later she died and i wanted her offspring!!!!!!!!!! Remember it could have been worst (like mine). hope this helps.
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Thank you all, I was away for the weekend and now that I see this it makes me feel a lot better. She wasn't gravid when i got her, but she mated with the male around Christmas and form what I assumed, and others as well, nothing came of it, so I cooled her to try again. Big mistake I guess. Many things could have killed these eggs...the cooling, the fact that I wasn't expecting them and they may have been in there for a while, and the fact that the male was in there too and the weight of both of them on the eggs maybe flattened them...I dunno. But I was very pissed becuase I have been growing up different species of boas and pythons for years and these were the first ones that ever bred for me. But I appreciate all you have said because I have never posted on here before and I really didn't expect a reply. But thank you very much. Lizard breeding is easy, but I guess snakes are more difficult. I appreciate all of your replies. I'll fatten her up for next year I guess, and this time I'll be more careful! Thanks again.

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Sorry to hear that Lisa, but hope you have better luck next in the future.

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