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Cool Shedding

Last night about 9:30. I walked into my snake room and just happened to catch my male corn snake just starting his shed. It came off in one 27 inch piece. Eye caps and tail tip. It was so cool to watch.

I hope to catch my Ball when she sheds.

I just wish my camera was close by.

Just thought I would share.

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Lucky you! I haven't had the chance to see any of my snakes shed except one time I caught my boa shedding but I could barely see anything as she was under sphagnum moss.

Recently I had to help my bp with his shed, he had only managed to get the skin off his head and 1" of his neck. Gave him a good soak in the tub and after he shed right in my hands, was sooo cool. I would just hold him a little firmly and he slid right out of his skin in my hands. The rest of the skin pretty much came off in one piece. Was an amazing feeling in my hands!!!

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I always see my BP shed because she always has bad sheds i dont know why, the humidity level is always at 70-80% when shes shedding and i always give her warm baths, but still i recieve bad sheds from her.
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