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i never started with any lizards ,,i saw a boa in a pet store LOOONNG ago when there still was a pet shop that was selling snakes ..So i saw it for sale but i had 2 ask my dad first so he said yes and the day after that i went to the shop to buy her and it turned out that he was sold 10 minutes before i got there ... and it turned out to be my best friends:O but i started with racers i used to catch in my garden
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Please, it's Mark.
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Aw Man, I miss those things! My mom is always bitching about how the brown Cubans or whatever they're called have chased them out. I think the brown ones look like mini velociraptors! They look fierce for such a tiny animal. I liked how the green ones did the littlt throat thing too. Of course, my cat misses them too!
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I got into my love of reptiles when I was about 2 years old. I caught a little lizard and it's tail fell off so I put a band-aid on the tail . Then I brought it to one of my older brother's ball games, lol.
I found my love for snakes when I was about 7 or 8... I went with my grandma on a trip to Grandburry, Texas and my great aunt had snakes in her yard... cute little earth snakes!

I started out keeping them with an iguana at age 5. I got it from a reptile store (which I wish hadn't closed down because it was so close to our house), but they told me to feed it greenleaf lettuce. Which is better than iceberg, but still doesn't contain the nutrients they need that they can get from Greens and most other veggies. I started out keeping it in a 10 gallon, then a 20, then they gave me a really cool 6' tall cage for about $50. Pretty crazy stuff... from cage to cage. Sadly it died because of bad husbandary .
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here's another

I saw by the pool today.
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i've a few and the oldest is 10 this september, and the others are 9 years old THEY DONT DIE if theyre taken care of (and if theyre not like in my case and the 10 year old is shedding believe it or not
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