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eyespy 03-13-03 06:13 AM

A sure sign you are a herp geek
is when you are in a chat room and your friend asks WTF? The first thing you think is that he is asking how your arboreal amphibian is doing.

True and slightly sad story. ;)

Tarzet 03-13-03 07:57 AM


Pixie 03-13-03 08:17 AM


Edwin 03-13-03 08:49 AM

haha, thats funny

Nanashi04 03-13-03 08:51 AM


Kyle Barker 03-13-03 01:39 PM

I dont get it. Are you talking about a whites tree frog?

RachelS. 03-13-03 02:15 PM


Andy_G 03-13-03 03:12 PM

That's funny.

Clownfishie 03-13-03 07:23 PM

*laughs*... that's cute :)

Kyle, I think that's what he means!

reptilez 03-13-03 07:26 PM


eyespy 03-13-03 11:01 PM

yep, a White's. I'm such a geek. :joker:

Jeromerules 03-14-03 03:12 AM

or when someone goes away and before says BRB (Be right Back) and you think of your Brazilian Rainbow Boa. heeh............................... OK OK so it was'nt as good. Adleast I tried.

Lisa 03-14-03 05:51 PM

heheh i often have to look twice when i see BRB

Canadaherp 03-14-03 10:47 PM

lol well i dont keep easily abbreviated animals cept BD's and nothing rhymes with BD unless im in a BDSM chat nad i woulndt wanna be there

snakemann87 03-14-03 10:50 PM

i didnt get it so i guess im not a herp geek, but i still consider myself one.

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