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P.S. To Damien & everyone else, yes I know this isn't the right way to go about it & I'm not the type to take the above approach, despite really wanting too heh heh. My post wasn't as serious as everyone elses, I just wanted to see peoples reactions etc. Unfortunately the best way is to go thru all the red tape & play by the rules, despite the fact that those who make them are usually uninformed idiots. Mind you they could say the same thing about people who don't check up on the laws before they purchase "exotic pets" & then freak out once they realize that they are in violation of the laws & risk charges, losing specimens etc. Just goes to show that you should do some research before taking on animals. Oh & Damien I still love ya so don't lose any sleep LOL. M.I.
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Did the society rep outline the reprimand that comes after a warning? What would they do, get a warrant for your snakes? Fine you until you rid them? Put you in jail? Really, I can't see that it will turn into a big deal as long as you start writing down names, dates/times of visits and for goodness sake, have them leave something with you in writing!

Hope this turns out well for you.

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The best thing you can do is, suck it up! Your in the wrong and shouldn't fight the laws until you've gotten rid of your herps!
I'm not talking about sellin' 'em. Get someone to take them in for a while, then launch your campain. We're fighting the ANTI-PITTBULL laws here in Edmonton, and I'll tell ya, get militant on the powers that be and they'll hand your head back to ya. Be rational about this, educated and you have a chance at changing things. Give them the "WHEN YOU PRY THEM FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS" routine, and forget it!! Your sunk like the Titanic.

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You and I are friends, but DUDE!!!!!! that last comment is EXACTLY the reasoning people use to create the laws like the one banning Simons herps!! Your post gives fuel to the fire on "ALL HERP OWNERS ARE GUN TOTIN" BIKER TYPES". I know from our previous disscussions your a passionate dude about the hobby, but don't turn passion into ignorance.
If you thing "big brother" isn't reading these forums.............THINK AGAIN. I personally know someone in Fish & Wildlife, who frequents these forums to police them for Alberta's by-laws!

And one last thing, remember this--In Canada if you get bit by a snake, you simply go to the hospital and get stiched up, in the US you go pay $1000's of dollars and maybe get average care. Paying of course for every follow up and prescription. Once and a while our "OPPRESSIVE" gov't does the right thing.....agree??

Damien (hopefully still your bud!)
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I have to Agree with what Damien said. It sucks but saying what you said just makes you look foolish no mater how right you are. (and trust me I feel the same way). as far as the problem I would just not do anything. Inless they seemed like they would come back. the I guess youe'd have to. but if you just wait it out and dont let anyone into your house or herp room you can't trust then you should be fine. best of luck.
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I am not sure about Canada, but here in the states, we have rights. They can't come in unless invited without a warrant. I would try and change the law. Start a petition drive. Take a doy off from work and picket in front of the town hall W/ your snakes in hand. If all else fails, come on down to Tennessee. America has it's faults, but I would still rather be here than anywhere else.
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Hi all!

Thanks for all the advice and the comments...yes I think that the law sucks really bad up here in Canada.....

before the stupid human society comes back to my place again I'll have to move all the snakes to my friends place (which is only two floors below me....which is pretty good....) I guess that the only thing that I can do is to leave them at my friend's place until the stupid human society comes and checks my house that there are no more snakes in the building before moving them back up.....sigh.....I will change the locks and everything in my building once I get my snakes back into my house for sure!

Cause I think what happened was that the stupid building manager came into my house (when I was not at home) to do something to the building and once they got into my house they found all these snakes and stuff......and then called the human just to let you all know.....I HATE THE MANAGEMENT OF MY BUILDING!!! I HATE THE STUPID MANGERS EVEN MORE!!!

Sorry just had to let that out.......
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Geez, here in the US even building management cannot come into your home without giving you prior notice and getting your permission, unless it's a matter of public safety like a gas leak. If evidence is gathered while breaking this law it is thrown out of court.

I'd check and see what the landlord/tenant laws are like in your city and province to see if you have that protection too. That way you'd have time to temporarily house your animals with a friend and avoid future trouble.
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The landlords must give notice/ask permission for entry here in ontario and I imagine most of canada.
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Yeah, even in Canada, landlords/building maintenance must give notice before entering your home, unless it is due to an emergency.
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At times, the laws can suck. But, whether they are right or wrong, they are a condition that we live under. I hate to give the ol "must have laws to keep peace" speech, but much of it applies here. Someone in this thread also made a comment about anti-pitbull petitions. Is that so hard to believe?

Laws are created to protect the general public, even though at times, we think they are stupid. If you do not put a limit on things, then things get out of hand. I will agree, only two snakes under 2 feet seems crazy. But, you did say that you live in London? Here in the states, the cities with larger populations have stricter protect the citizens. Having a 15 foot burm running loose in a small country town would be bad enough....having one loose in London or NYC would be tragic.

After you cut your collection down to the legal limit, then start that petition--see what can be done. Until then, keep quiet.

Breaking laws, (true, you did not know) only adds to the already extreme fear that the public have of reptiles, snakes in particular. Spouting off or making a scene will only add to this.

The first question I would be asking myself, though, is how did they find out????
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LOL no offense buddy but listen to yourself, I wouldn't think a member on this forum would talk like that.

Here in the states, the cities with larger populations have stricter protect the citizens. Having a 15 foot burm running loose in a small country town would be bad enough....having one loose in London or NYC would be tragic.
Dude, its a burmese python, think really hard what your saying, it is the mentality of people like yours who place these laws. A burm on the loose ISNT a murderer with a gun. Snakes aren't out they to attack us, its not like their priority in life is to attack and "kill" humans. What is so tragic?! Like seriously, the worst is he eats a cat, then is full for a week. By then, he should be found anyhow. Yes of course there is a possiblilty of he/she biting someone but its not like the snake can kill anyone. Thats like saying we should ban steak knifes because I can kill somone with it or accidentally drop it on someone, cutting them or whatnot. Honestly, sorry to be a prick I just had to let that out.
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hey, this is replying to those who said you shouldnt have let him in. I agree. I know its over but for a warning, I read an article were someone was told that they had to get rid of all their snakes immediately so he did, and it turns out the guy was a fraud and there was no such law, so he was basically robbed
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oh and i agree with the gino 100%, a burm on the loose is only in the news cause people think they are out to constrict and eat us.
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Here in canada we no longer have rights because NO ONE stands up for them. The main problem is lack of organization when everyone says no you cant do that its stopped done finished. but when one person is alone for there cause well they are crazy because they are different then the general public. but in america people dont take crap they get together. because there country is based upon freedom ours is all about getting screwed over by government look at the freaking history and the present not to say america doesnt have its faults and yes there are many but its all about freedom or at least making you feel free which is better then feeling screwed over
One fed up canadian
Bryce masuk
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