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Need advice - Possible Snake in Home

I am fairly certain a snake is in my house although I have not seen it. I have no desire to kill it, but would definitely like to relocate it outside of my home. Iím looking for advice from snake experts on what to do.

Hereís a summary of what is going on.

- About 12 weeks ago around 6am I heard a strange noise coming from my pantry. It sounded like something was slowly moving across some plastic bags I was storing. I listened for about 30 seconds and the noise continued then abruptly opened the door. This was not my smartest move because whatever made the sound quickly hid.
- At first I thought it might have been a mouse so I put down a few mouse traps with peanut butter (humane trapsÖI donít kill anything). These were down for several days but no mouse.
- A week later I hear the noise again. I slowly approach the pantry and quietly open the door, but I find nothing. At this point I think Iím becoming paranoid and convince myself that somehow there is a draft in the pantry when the a/comes on that is causing the noise.
- A few days later I hear another odd noise from a different room in the house. The noises are only heard late night or in the early morning. Now I am beginning to wonder if there is possibly a snake in the house. I have no experience with snakes so it wasnít my first thought when the noises began.
- Leading into each room I sprinkled flour along the entry so I could see any tracks if the animal moved. Within a few days I could clearly see what appeared to be slither tracks.
- I cautiously looked in the rooms where the tracks were but found no snake.
- I found several articles online about how to safely and humanely capture a snake. One method being to leave a pile of damp cloths with a dry cloth on top in areas where you think the snake may be. The other was a minnow bait trap placed along a couple areas where it appeared the snake had gone. Both of these ďtrapsĒ have been down for weeks with no luck.
- During this time, I am still periodically hearing noises at night. Then about two weeks ago the noises stopped and there are no new tracks.

TL;DR: How do I know if itís still in the house? I was going to call a wildlife removal company but they said if I had not seen the snake and it was not obvious what room it was in, the cost to search the entire house, put down traps and monitor would cost several hundred dollars which I canít afford. Any advice?
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