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New boa questions

Hey all, glad to be here. I have a few questions that hopefully you can answer. I purchased a new baby boa constrictor, and she arrived in mid-July. She was born mid-April. She's in a fairly large enclosure, 3'x2'x2', LOTS of hides, lots of climbing space. Temps are kept 80 on the cool side up to ~92-93 under a ceramic basking lamp. Humidity is consistently ~60-65%.

And she seems totally happy and healthy. She's not flighty when I pull her out. She eats an adult F/T mouse every 7-8 days (though for a weeks I fed her fuzzy rats because the local store was out of mice). She's instantly taken any food item I offer her, no regurg, and poops a commensurate amount.

But there are two things that I find rather odd - 1) She has NEVER shed and 2) She seems almost entirely arboreal. In the morning sometimes I see signs she's been down low (smooshed plants), but otherwise she has the spots she likes on her climbing areas, sometimes on the hot side, sometimes on the cool. And she's made herself some funny hides (she REALLY likes hiding under patches of moss).

I've certainly read that some snakes just have long periods between sheds sometimes, and she's eating and drinking well, so I don't think I have any reason to be concerned. Just funny. Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Tried to upload pics, but they're too big, and too tired to resize them manually right now
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Re: New boa questions

Boas are actually semi arboreal and will take up climbing if given the chance at times. They probably feel pretty secure in a tight branch.

As for the shed, she should at some point.
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Re: New boa questions

Baby boas will spend a lot of time off the ground naturally to avoid predators, and they like to climb a lot. I wouldn't worry about the shedding, it'll happen soon.
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Re: New boa questions

She went into blue, finally, on 9/18! And now she's just eye-balling me from her perch.
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