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Luckylego 09-12-20 07:39 PM

Getting WC baby garters to eat
Hey y'all

So my cousin came home with a few teeny tiny stowaways (very young garters), which she then gave to me as she has no experience with snakes. I'm new to garters and would love to see if I can't convince these 3 to take to captivity (before anyone asks, it is legal where I live, I have checked with wildlife officers). I only just got them today, so I'm not even going to attempt feeding for a couple days still.. When I do, what do you guys recommend to start with? I've read that baby garters can be difficult to get eating, so any help is appreciated. These guys are so small that even most earthworms would be too big. I've got sliced tilapia and basa fillets here.. but would they eat them readily? Should I start with feeder fish? TIA

chairman 09-13-20 07:32 PM

Re: Getting WC baby garters to eat
I would attempt either pieces of worms, pieces of the tilapia, or small fish. If you didn't know, you can't feed fish that are high in thiaminase as the snakes will develop a vitamin B deficiency. Goldfish (and all other carp/catfish) and rosy red/fathead minnows are fish commonly sold as feeders that are typically not suitable as feeders due to thiaminase content.

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