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Jethica 08-23-20 01:40 PM

Bearded Dragon newbie
I've been looking for active reptile fourms because I have a few questions for all the beardy owners. I want to get a baby bearded dragon but I work 8+ hours everyday 5x out of the week. I've done research and from what I came across baby bearded dragons need to be fed 3x a day the last thing I want to be is a neglectful owner so I want to know will working 8+ hours a day effect my baby bearded dragons health in anyway if im not there to feed it 3x a day it would only be fed in the morning and when i come home from work around 6. I was thinking of getting a juvenile but I wanted a baby more so I could tame it younger and watch it grow.

chairman 09-01-20 08:46 PM

Re: Bearded Dragon newbie
Your schedule shouldn't be a problem. You could feed a baby crickets/roaches in the morning, provide veggies before you leave for the day (for the dragon and bugs to chew on assuming any bugs weren't consumed), then remove the veggies when you get back and provide the final feeding.

Optionally, as long as you provide food/water for your feeder insects, you could provide two feedings' worth of insects in the morning, then follow up with an afternoon feeding.

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