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Bleach for Tubs

So I have some old, really dirty cb70 tubs that I just cleaned out for my rack system.

I made a pretty heavy bleach solution, and filled them completely with water, left them outside overnight.

I just let them soak in the sun for a few hours, again filled with just water this time.

Tomorrow I’m going to let them completely air dry outside, then hit them with some chlorhexidine solution and again wash thoroughly with water.

If I let them completely air dry for a few days, the bleach shouldn’t be a problem when I keep snakes in them, right?
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Re: Bleach for Tubs

As long as they're completely dry they're fine, don't require several days to air out.
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Re: Bleach for Tubs

What's most important is not that they dry anyways, it's that they're *rinsed* well.
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