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What gender is my hognose snake?

Hello everyone!

So, about a year ago I bought my hognose snake from a breeder who told me it was a female but he wasn't sure. As this is my first snake I'm not very experienced on how exactly to sex a snake besides looking it up on the internet. So that's what I did, but the examples there were all very obvious, females having very short and stubby tales, males having very long and slender tales. My snake is kinda in between so I'm not sure. He/she is soon 2 years old, so not fully grown yet so I can't tell from the size. I'm just really curious and maybe someone can help me

The tail of my snake:

Thanks already in advance!
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Re: What gender is my hognose snake?

You need 5 posts before you can post pictures.
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Re: What gender is my hognose snake?

How much does the snake weigh? At two years old the size difference should be a giveaway.

I know you can count the tail scales behind the cloaca too, but I can't remember the number number that distinguishes between the two. I'll see if I can find it, but in the meantime, if you can share a weight we can probably figure it out that way.
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