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Xaviersantiago 02-14-20 06:26 PM

Need help
I might of hurt my snake she is a columbian red tail boa ,I thought she had mites I heard that to get them off you soak them in olive oil and dishwashing soap so I did, but now she looks oily and keeps trying to get out of her tank temperatures and humidity are all correct and what I thought was a mite was a scab I've only had her for 2 weeks Its my first snake I'm scared she might die or get really sick need some advice

dangernoodles 02-18-20 06:20 PM

Re: Need help
Hello, do not panic.

I am going to ask you a few questions.

What breeder did you get the snake from?
What is the temperature in the enclosure?
What is the humidity?
Do you mind attaching some pictures of the scab?
Do you have any pointy/rough things in her enclosure?
Did you get the substrate from outside or from a pet store?
Has your snake completed a shed yet?
Are you feeding her live or frozen mice?

Sorry, but this is information I need to know in order to help you. Please respond as soon as possible.

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