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wm460 02-12-20 11:52 PM

Hatchling Refusing To Eat.
We have 3 new year, Woma hatchlings, two are eating without any trouble but one ate only
one pinky mouse on 22/01/2020 and refuses others when offered.
trying from week to week.
The other 2 gobble usually two pinkies each time. Am worried. Any suggestions as what to do?

toddnbecka 02-14-20 10:21 PM

Re: Hatchling Refusing To Eat.
You could look into purchasing a pinky pump, or simply try assist feeding (holding the snake and gently working the pinky into it's mouth until it takes over swallowing) but if the snake isn't healthy enough to eat on its own it may be better to let it go. Not every hatchling will thrive or even survive to grow out, some simply aren't quite right, and will die off along the way to adulthood IME.

Neve123 03-17-20 09:26 PM

Re: Hatchling Refusing To Eat.
i suggest trying some other meals like skinks as they eat them in the wild or give a small er meal like cutting the pinky in half. if you want to get the snake onto rodents, if he likes the skink lizard rub the smell of the lizard on the rodent and try assist feeding him.

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