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Folks that live in apartments

what are some ways you save space to accommodate enclosures? Just curious, I move into my first apartment Friday and there is deffinitely enough room but a little conundrum going on between my boyfriend and I about where to put my girl, there is deffinitely enough room but when your snake basically takes up another large desk size of space it can be a little overwhelming. I'd also be open to ideas about how you decorated your enclosures to look aesthetically pleasing, not that our snakes arent already enough
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Re: Folks that live in apartments

We've got enclosures on top of dressers and bookcases, so at least there is a bit doubling up of utility going on.
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Re: Folks that live in apartments

One thing to keep in mind as well is that many species, BPs jump to mind, are secretive animals and do better in low traffic areas of the house.
You didn't mention what species your girl is, so this may not be relevant, but I figured it was worth a mention.

As for decor, I've had good luck at Walmart and craft stores finding pretty good looking plastic plants. Just be careful, some of them have wires that can be sharp or sometimes have a loop that the snake can actually get stuck in. So make sure you look them over thoroughly before buying.
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Re: Folks that live in apartments

I keep my garters and uromastyx in my dining room and living room, respectively. Probably not helpful, but I don’t have a TV so I have some extra space. Keeping snakes in a bioactive tank with live plants help beautify enclosures as a decorative element. Big, dramatic driftwood also helps. I also like to keep small to large sized houseplants around the exterior of the enclosures for decoration.

Good luck.
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enclosure, ideas

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