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Convincing Parents (ugh)

My parents are very stubborn when it comes to snakes. They really do NOT want me to get a snake, although I love them and have wanted one for several years. They don't understand this topic as they should and the reasons they don't want me to have a snake are the following:
1) They think I'm not going to clean up its poop and cage when it uses the bathroom. My mom draws this from her personal experience as a child with a pet snake, but she's not me, and that's what she doesn't understand.
2) Every parent puts up this argument-- that oh, uh, you can't take care of your snake when you go to college-- well unless you're some savvy time traveler you don't know what my future is going to be, and you're the one who's always like, oh, yeah, cross that bridge when you get there but apparently that doesn't apply to what I want, does it, now? I sort of get this, but still!

So what should I do? This is really annoying and I've thought about sneaking a snake in somehow or going to a reptile convention and brining a snake home that they simply can't say no to-- and plase don't say, welcome but I can't help you here. Reply if you have ideas, and if you don't, then don't say anything. Thanks! I need all the help I can get.
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Re: Convincing Parents (ugh)

Get a legless lizard. Problem solved.
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Re: Convincing Parents (ugh)

My two cents: wait. It's their house,their rules. You'll have plenty of time to get into snakes once you're out of the house and living on your own.

The point about college is a good point. If you do go, you almost definitely won't be able to bring a snake. If you live off campus you'll need roommates, finding roommates willing to live with a snake won't be easy.

If you don't go to college, you'll still need to find your own place and will most definitely need roommates. Not to mention most landlords don't allow pets, especially exotics.

There's also the financial aspect. This hobby can get pretty expensive. And it's important to have emergency money saved up. Equipment fails, accidents happen, animals get sick. Vet bills are not cheap.

Do yourself and the potential pet snake a favor and wait. Part of keeping pets is thinking long term, and snakes live 20+ years in captivity. You're obviously young and have your whole life ahead of you.
Do the responsibile thing and wait until you're in a better place to bring a snake home.
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