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mikeneezy 10-11-19 03:53 PM

Dumerils vs Carpet
I haven't been on here for awhile. I got my very first snake a year ago, a Hypo BI. I got super hooked into the hobby. Now with 4 BIs and 4 BPs. I'm looking to add another but can't decide. So for you pros out there: pros and cons of each?

That Guy 10-11-19 04:45 PM

Re: Dumerils vs Carpet
I can't give you anything on carpets as I am not familiar with them. But I can give you my experience with dumerils. My Dumeril is probably the most chill snake I've ever owned and all my life. I can pull him out and he'll move around for a little bit and then I'll just wrap him around my waist like a belt and he will sit there and I could watch TV or play on the tablet and he won't move a muscle just kind of hang out. Also side note if he can get to the crack in the sofa he's going to.

Only con at least with mine is, he is the laziest eater. Half the time he looks so uninterested in food. I just toss a large/jumbo ft rat in his cage and he'll eat it at some point through the night. Every now and then I'll see him eat. But there's no strike or coil. Just finds the head and starts to swallow. LOL.

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