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LavenderCoils 09-10-19 08:56 PM

New Snake Regurgitation
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I recently adopted a new snake for my collection (an Okeetee corn). Unfortunately the previous owner didn't have much knowledge about snakes and fed her the day I brought her home :no: . I then waited 10 days and offered her a FT adult mouse which she readily accepted. One week after she was fed she was handled, and a few days after this I discovered what I assume has to be her regurgitated meal behind her hide, as well as a full shed in her hot hide. She is currently being housed in a large wooden enclosure with a hot, moist and cold hide and a temperature gradient from 85 to around 70 maintained by a thermostat. Anyone have an idea why this happened, especially so long after feeding? Attachment 38130

Attachment 38131

Attachment 38132

Attachment 38133

Attachment 38134

Aaron_S 09-12-19 12:11 PM

Re: New Snake Regurgitation
Merged your thread as multiple threads are not needed to be seen.

That doesn't look like regurged meals to me. Looks like furry poop. Some of it digested better than others. If it's a regurge you will KNOW by the smell and look. You will be able to still tell it's a partially digested prey item.

craigafrechette 09-12-19 12:18 PM

Re: New Snake Regurgitation
Agreed, that looks like a poop to me too.

Regurges are pretty unmistakable. You'd have smelled it right away.

LavenderCoils 09-13-19 05:16 AM

Re: New Snake Regurgitation
Thank you so much for your assistance!

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